Don’t Forget Your Fall Car Care Routine – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

The seasons go by so quickly, and it’s hard to believe that summer’s over and we’re rapidly moving into the peak of Fall. Before it gets too cold, Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA recommends handling some smart maintenance tips on your Toyota.

CHECK THE HVAC: Sure, you’re not using the AC in these cooler days, but that’s not all the system does. It heats, ventilates, and dehumidifies your car. Plus, it’s essential for defrosting your windows.  On a similar note, have your exhaust system checked for holes, leaks, and rust. A poorly operating exhaust system impacts your mileage, but more importantly, can leak deadly carbon monoxide. The service experts at Peruzzi Toyota can handle it all for you (as well as the following tasks).

CHECK YOUR BATTERY: The heat of summer can drain the charge, so before you find yourself stuck, make sure it’s performing well. Check the connections to ensure they’re clean, tight, and free of any corrosion.

CHECK YOUR BELTS AND HOSES: Hot days can do a number on these vital parts. Have them inspected for cracks, fraying, brittleness, or looseness.

CHECK THE TIRES, BRAKES AND SUSPENSION: Tire pressure can be affected by temperature changes, and that in turn can affect traction and mileage. Ensure that your tires don’t show any bulges or bald spots. Similarly, give your suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, and steering system the once over to ensure they’re ready for cold weather road conditions.

CHECK THE FLUIDS: From the oil, to transmission and brake fluids, and windshield washer juice, make sure all fluids are clean, topped off, and ready to go. It’s also a good idea to check to see if you need new wiper blades; if they’re squeaking or leaving streaks, time for a new pair.

CLEAN IT UP: Fall is the perfect time to give your Toyota a thorough washing to get rid of summer grime and bugs. Give the interior a good vacuuming and wipe down, and don’t forget a coat or two of wax to keep the exterior protected from upcoming things like snow and road salt.

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