Seeing Streaks? You Need New Wipers!

Have you noticed your visibility is compromised when it rains because you haven’t changed your wiper blades in a while?

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Wiper blades are an essential part of car safety, especially during the summer sun blinding months when washing your windshield & the rainy, snowy months for New England Fall & Winter.

If your wipers don’t properly push water and snow out of your line of sight, you might as well take off your glasses and try to get to your destination that way!

Replacing your wiper blades is one of the least expensive and easiest car maintenance “to-dos,” but has a major impact on how safely you drive.

Not sure if you need new wipers? Here’s when you ought to replace them:

  • If it’s Been 6 Months to a Year: That’s about the lifespan of a pair of wiper blades, so if you know you haven’t replaced them since this time last year, you could probably use new ones.
  • When The Metal or Squeegee Deteriorate: At the 6-month-mark, it’s a good idea to examine your wipers for any deterioration. That means rusting on the metal part and cracking or tearing along the blade. Run your fingers down the blade to make sure there isn’t any sap or other debris sticking to it — that can cause the wipers to skip or smear.
  • When You Notice Squeaking and Streaking: If the wipers start squeaking, it’s not just annoying, but a sign of wear and tear. You’ll also notice that older wipers leave streaks or might skip places on the windshield which compromises your visibility in rain, sleet and snow.

And of course, when you CAN’T SEE. If you find yourself squinting or cursing at the sun and/or rain, it’s probably time to come to Cape Auto and take advantage of our BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Rain-X Wiper DEAL!

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