Paddock whisper denied that Lawrence Stroll may sell Aston Martin for $800m | F1

Whispers at the F1 Qatar Grand Prix, reported by F1-Insider, suggest that a newly-founded Saudi Arabian state fund could buy the Aston Martin F1 team, with a figure of at least $800m touted.

Aramco – the team’s sponsor – is heavily involved with the fund, it is reported.

“That is not planned at the moment,” Stroll told F1-Insider about selling Aston Martin. 

“However, we were approached. Formula 1 is a sport and a business that is on fire.”

Another spokesman added: “Lawrence has made it clear that a sale is out of the question.

“The sport is more popular than ever and the value of the teams is constantly increasing. Nothing is planned.”

Stroll, the executive chairman of the F1 team, “lacks the motivation to further promote his son Lance’s career” according to the report.

And the driver’s mother is reportedly applying pressure for her son to step away from F1 after a series of crashes.

The rumours are reported at a time where the main topic of discussion in F1 is the possible addition of Andretti as an 11th team on the grid.

The current 10 teams are yet to finalise a decision but the concern is that an extra team would dilute their earnings.

Stroll has already said “I believe if it isn’t broken, you don’t need to fix it” and urged F1 to resist.

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