Brand New 300-Mile Corvette Owner’s Dashcam Captures Valet Joyriding It Over 6,000rpm

The owner of a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray thought he was leaving his car in good hands when he parked it at a valet at the Birmingham airport in Alabama. However, when he returned to pick up the car, he quickly discovered that one of the valet employees had taken it out for a joyride.

Unbeknownst to the valet driver, the Corvette owned by Tim Scherer has been fitted with the optional Performance Data Recorder that includes a dashcam. Scherer dropped off the car with exactly 300 miles (482 km) on the odometer but upon his return, noticed that it had been driven 304 miles (489 km). He then looked at the dashcam and discovered that not only had the valet worker driven it 4 miles but they had also pushed it through to over 6,000 rpm.

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Scherer shared footage from the joyride with WVTM 13 News. It shows the valet worker taking the sports car on a lap around the airport. The worker drove the car at close to 60 mph but it is the way it was driven that has really concerned the owner. Given that the C8 has just 300 miles under its belt, it is still within the 500-mile break-in period where the engine should not be revved beyond 4,000 rpm. At least that’s what GM officially recommends and forms the basis for their warranty, as pointed out by TheDrive.

The owner says he spoke with the valet company after reviewing the footage and that they had assured him they would cover any future bills were something to go wrong with the car. However, he then received a letter from the company revealing that they would not accept liability for any problems that may arise. They also refused to admit to any wrongdoing, claiming that no damage was done to the ‘Vette.

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport officials said they are “looking into this matter and of course, will cooperate in every way possible to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for any misconduct.” Scherer understands that the valet driver who took his car out for a joyride has been fired.

Screenshots WVTM13/Youtube

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