Unleashing Chinese Motorcycle Innovation –

Voge’s RR 666 S: Unleashing Chinese Motorcycle Innovation

Voge, Loncin’s premium subsidiary, unveils the attention-grabbing RR 666 S sportbike.

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Despite the controversial connotations of the number 666, this bike boldly asserts itself in the middleweight segment.

Chinese motorcycle brands have been gaining momentum and recognition, and Voge is no exception. Loncin, recognized for its partnership with BMW and engine supply to models such as the F 850 and F 900. However, Voge is now ready to step into the limelight with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

The RR 666 S boasts a robust 660cc inline-four engine, poised to deliver an impressive 100 horsepower at its core.

This unique powerplant counters past criticism of Chinese motorcycle makers copying engines. It has dual-overhead camshafts, 16 valves, and an impressive 13,000 rpm redline for thrilling performance.

In terms of performance, the claimed figures are thrilling: 0-61 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed over 150 mph.

To manage this power, it relies on advanced KYB suspension and front dual-radial Brembo disc brakes for precise control.

For safety, the RR 666 S includes ABS and traction control, although it’s unclear if they’ll have an inertial measurement unit.

The big question now is whether Voge’s impressive creation will reach beyond China. Chinese motorcycles often stay in the domestic market. If the RR 666 S goes global, it’ll compete with bikes like the Aprilia RS 660 and Yamaha YZF-R7.

In conclusion, Voge’s RR 666 S showcases the brand’s ambition in the motorcycle world. Its original engine, great performance, and advanced features make it a potential game-changer globally. Time will tell if it succeeds, but it has already made a mark.

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