Honda Shine 100 Mileage Review: 650+ Kms range from 9 Litre tank

Honda 2 Wheelers India continues to dominate the Indian market with its vibrant product offerings across its diverse segments in the 2-wheeler market. You can find this blog post, where we have done a comprehensive review of Shine 100 motorcycle in the month of May 2023 after we rode the motorcycle for a day in Aamby valley Pune. In this article we share our experience after using this 100cc budget motorcycle for more than a week. It covers details like practicality, day-to-day usage observations, performance and actual mileage offered by this bike.

A little bit on the looks

To be honest, although it is an entry level budget motorcycle ( available at a price as low as Rs 65,000 EXS), I didn’t find anything sub-par in the product’s design or the way it looks. Of course it looks a little thin and compact, but I found it well-finished, neat and agile. The halogen headlamps are old style but it does its job well and illuminates the light very well in the dark. The front looks great, the graphics on the body panel are stylish, the reputed “Shine” logo further enhances the looks of this amazing petrol bike.

The instrument cluster features. two dials with analog needles – one for the speedometer and the other for the fuel gauge. The fuel gauge features Neutral gear indicator, service indicator, left/right indicators and high-beam indicator. The speedometer dial houses odometer and a dedicated marking for Economy (30-50 kmph) in the reading, You do not get a dedicated dim-and-dip switch, but you can toggle between high-beam and low beam to create that effect. There is no dedicated side-stand indicator, but you do get engine-cut off feature when the side stand is disengaged while riding.

Home to Office – A 6-day Roundtrip Experience

Let us now get into the details of motorcycle’s overall riding experience, fuel tank, mileage, gearbox and other details. The all new 2023 Honda Shine 100 motorcycle is powered by a 4-stroke 98.98cc engine and gets programmed fuel-injected ignition system which is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission gearbox. The engine power output is around 7.28 bhp and the maximum torque output is 8.05 Nm. Although, the rider can feel that engine is under-powered, but it is very torquey and responds very well on steep surfaces, or when you need a sudden speed boost.

The Shine 100 gets a 9-litre fuel tank which is fair enough for a commuter motorcycle. Since I had this motorcycle for over a week, I used it to my regular home-office commute every day which is of 35 Kms (Up and Down) for 6 successive days and I felt it is a real value for money – the amount of fuel which you can save by using this motorcycle is tremendous. I almost got a mileage of about 60-70 kmpl and even after I returned the bike back, I had almost half tank left in the fuel tank.

Of course, being a 100cc motorcycle it cannot easily reach top-speeds like 80+ Kmph – It does reach 60 Kmph speed progressively and can attain a maximum of 80 Kmph in a flat and down surface.

A 100 Km Long Ride

The Shine 100 motorcycle also does a decent job while commuting a long distance. I put this bike for a test for long distance of 100 kms (Up and Down) and it was practical enough to get the job done. I cannot say, it is perfect and very comfortable for long distance commute, but it works. I also tested this motorcycle along with a pillion at the back, and it was well accommodating for the pillion passenger.

The suspension system was very good and advanced and did a great job in shielding us well from humpy dumpy surfaces. Brakes are the only concern, at high speeds, you will have to be little cautious while braking – this motorcycle is only equipped with drum brakes (both in front and rear wheel). You can use both front and back brakes together to achieve better stopping distance. Commuting in heavy rain and windy conditions were not at all an issue. Its a real heavy-duty bike.

What impressed me

Undoubtedly, the mileage of all new Honda Shine 100 is what makes this bike special. Imagine filling your motorcycle tank for once in 2-3 weeks and you need not think or worry much about refuelling again – it is that kind of bike where you get absolute value for your money. On top of it, you also will definitely enjoy the lightness and agile nature of this bike, its torquey engine , straight-forward design with Shine branding.

Color options and Price

The all new 2023 Honda Shine 100 is offered in 5 attractive color options namely – Black with Grey Stripes, Black with Red Stripes, Black with Blue Stripes, Black with Green Stripes and Black with Gold Stripes. Check all Honda Shine 100 Colors and Photos.

The all new Honda Shine 100 motorcycle is priced at Rs 64,900/- ( Ex-showroom Delhi) and at Rs 66,600/- (Ex-showroom Bangalore). There is only one variant ( disc brake variant) which is on sale. The on-road price of Shine 100 is about Rs 82,000 in Bangalore.

If you reside in North Bengaluru and are looking to buy Honda Shine 100 or any another motorcycle, contact the below numbers of Dhruvdesh Honda showroom or visit website directly.

  • Yelahanka: 9343968407
  • Mekhri Circle: 9343968406
  • Vidyranyapura: 8150866333
  • Thanisandra: 7353030333

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