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Reigning As “True Maverick” in Vast Sea of Ordinary

Crossover SUVs have absolutely been met with revved-up enthusiasm here at Jim Butler Chevy of St. Louis, as many models have evolved into a very sought-after transportation solution. The 2024 Chevy Trax has already been praised for having the appeal of a used car price, along with sharp design and head-turning materials. The Trax hits the market with a front-drive only and lightweight composure, clocking in on scales at 300 pounds lighter than its larger Trailblazer sibling.

Nailing down the 0-60 mph sprint at just 8.5 seconds and a quarter-mile sprint at 16.5 seconds and 82 mph, the Trax stands out in front of the Trailblazer, as well as reigning supreme over the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Honda HRV AWD, and Kia Soul. The Motor Trend staff have seen (and heard!) their fair share of red-hot models during their years doling out fantastic reviews, and they immediately remarked that they enjoyed the “angry vacuum cleaner note at full throttle” that is reminiscent of many other odd-count cylinder engines. 

For nearly $20,000 less than what many other mainstream crossovers are selling for, you get an excellent daily driver or weekend contender that is loaded with the latest features and exhilarating to drive. Braking is completed in 116 feet from 60 mph, and other auto review blogs are saying that the Trax is perfectly competitive in objective measures, providing drivers a modern and memorable experience for the money. Opting for the 2RS trim level improves things even more with its 254/45R19 Continental ProContact TX tires, with it also being confirmed that the auto stop/start operates even smoother than some exorbitantly expensive systems.

The fully digital instrumentation and infotainment screens provide sharp contrast that exceeds current expectations, along with automatic climate control and steering wheel audio controls. When the trips that tend to be a little bit longer than just around town or the annual holiday drives come up, there are two USB ports in the back to keep everyone’s devices up to par. The Car and Driver review staff were immediately impressed with the fact that the 2024 Trax is even less expensive than the model it replaces. 

Measured by the current yardstick of prioritizing interior space and feature content over elements such as rugged styling, the Trax is billed by Car and Driver as a monumental success. The LT, RS, and Activ trim levels beef up the style points with nice wheels, interestingly shaped headlights and taillights, and unique grille trim up front. This would be a great choice for Uber drivers who are ready to just get their feet on the ground and start working without worrying about the extra frills some models are known for. 

Analog gauges and an 8-inch touchscreen are standard, with an optional 11-inch screen providing a good amount of display space for a vehicle in this segment. The handling balance is softly sprung enough to be perfectly comfortable on bumpy roads while still providing strong damping to ensure that body roll is in check when pushed hard. As the economy ebbs and flows, considering gas mileage will always be a relevant concern, and the 2024 Trax is rated at 30 mpg combined. In a world where many consumers feel that car pricing has gone simply out of control, the Trax is anticipated to become the third best-selling Chevy model behind the Silverado and Equinox.

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