Motul: Pioneering Sustainability in Asia

Motul: Pioneering Sustainability in Asia

Motul leads Asian lubricant industry in sustainability with “Going Beyond the Barrel” initiative.

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The month-long exhibition, runs from September 13th to October 10th at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery in Marina Barrage.

The exhibition features creative repurposing of steel oil drums, symbolizing Motul’s commitment to a sustainable future in Asia.

Miranda Lee, Motul Asia Pacific’s Chief Workforce Officer, emphasizes the exhibition’s role in championing waste reduction and environmental consciousness.

“Going Beyond the Barrel” goes beyond mere exhibition; it’s a pivotal step in Motul’s grand plan to reshape the lubricant industry through sustainability. The core concept is “upcycling,” turning waste and byproducts into valuable assets. Motul’s inspiration came from their own essential oil barrels, connecting art, culture, and environmental responsibility.

Motul: Championing Sustainability Through Creativity and Innovation

As visitors explore the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, they embark on an immersive journey through Motul’s history and dedication to sustainability.

Guests are invited to pledge their commitment to a greener future using A6-sized cards inspired by repurposed barrels and Motul’s NGEN bottles.

“Going Beyond the Barrel” artfully combines transformation and purpose, showcasing the upcycling of industrial waste into beautiful and meaningful creations. Local artists like Cheryl Chiw have turned Motul’s oil drums into stunning works of art, emphasizing sustainability and resource efficiency.

Arr-Jay Assistin, Motul Philippines’ Technical Engineer, creatively repurposed oil drums into stylish, sustainable sofa sets, showcasing upcycling’s potential.

Motul, with a 170-year legacy, specializes in high-tech engine lubricants for various vehicles and industries.

Pioneering synthetic lubricants, Motul partners with manufacturers and racing teams to advance lubricant technology and push boundaries.

Motul expanded in Asia Pacific with three manufacturing facilities and two R&D centers, specializing in region-specific lubricant technology.

Motul’s “Going Beyond the Barrel” exhibition is not just about sustainability; it’s a call to action for the industry and the community to embrace a greener future.

Motul leads, inviting everyone to join the transformative journey towards a more responsible and sustainable world.

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