3 Amazing Scenic Drives You Can Take Near Vancouver, WA

A scenic forest somewhere in the Pacific Northwest

Image via Pixabay.

The states of Washington and Oregon are known for having some of the most pristine and breathtaking natural landscapes in the entire region, offering locals and visitors endless opportunities to go on unforgettable scenic drives. If you are searching for new places to visit with your family in your brand-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone, here are three wonderful destinations you can reach in less than two hours from Vancouver, WA.

1. Tillamook State Forest

Encompassing an area of approximately 364,000 acres and established in the early 1970s, Tillamook State Forest is a wonderful destination where you can enjoy a myriad of outdoor recreational activities or simply drive around and explore the stunning landscapes that this region has to offer. This state forest is located approximately 70 miles west of Vancouver and can be reached in one hour and 15 minutes by car via routes US-26 and OR-6.

Besides the sprawling swathes of undisturbed nature, Tillamook State Forest is a popular destination thanks to its modern recreation sites, which feature fully equipped campgrounds, fire rings, picnic spots, backpacking trails, swimming areas, and an interpretive center. If you are thinking of taking your loved ones on a memorable road trip, this sprawling nature reserve is always an excellent option.

2. Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Boasting towering mountains, meadows, lava tubes, caves, and a wide variety of wildlife species, Gifford Pinchot National Forest is another fantastic destination for a scenic road trip. Located approximately 85 miles northeast of the Vancouver city center, this national forest can be reached in just two hours by car via route WA-14. 

Gifford Pinchot National Forest encompasses an area of more than 1.3 million acres and welcomes approximately 1.8 million visitors every year, making it one of the most popular nature reserves in the region. Established in the early 20th century, this place is one of the oldest national forests in the United States. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include fishing, overnight camping, wildlife watching, hiking, and mountain biking.

3. Mt. Hood National Forest

Located approximately 60 miles east of the Vancouver city center, Mt. Hood National Forest is another excellent destination for a day trip or a weekend adventure. Boasting more than one million acres of old growth forest, this beautiful nature reserve draws over four million visitors every year. Besides stunning viewpoints and scenic nature trails, this national forest features fishing spots, boat ramps, hunting grounds, and campgrounds.

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