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While it’s true that Toyotas are already pretty tricked out with great technology and safety features, there are always new gadgets coming along. Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA wants their customers to know about these cool “toys” to make your ride even sweeter.

THE SMART DASH CAM: While Toyota offers plenty of safety features like a pre-collision warning system and lane-departure assist, accidents can still happen. If one does, this dash cam captures all the details of what happened. It features emergency recording, night vision and evidence protection.

SHARK HANDVAC 2.0 HANDHELD VACUUM: From snack crumbs to beach sand, messes happen. This lightweight, cordless vacuum is perfect for quickly tidying up the inside of your Peruzzi Toyota.

MACCALLY CUP HOLDER TRAY: Instead of juggling your burger on your lap, use this to make your fast-food meal a little more civilized. This neat little tray has an extension that fits into the cupholder and can swivel. It even has a slot for your phone so you can watch videos while chowing down.

USB HEATED BLANKET: It’s always a good idea, especially in colder months, to have a blanket in the car for emergencies. This one takes it to another level with a heating component that plugs into the USB port of your Peruzzi Toyota. It comes with three cozy heating levels and a timer function.

NORSHIRE TIRE INFLATOR: Tire pressure can change due to temperature shifts and other road conditions. When you’re nowhere near a gas station, this powerful, compact little device will come in handy to get your tires back to peak pressure.

APPLE AIR TAGS: If you’re the type who loses their keys or other important items, Apple Air Tags to the rescue. These high-tech tags allow you to track them down through either an iPhone or a MacBook. Just pop them on and connect them to the app.

With the exception of the Air Tags (available at the Apple Store), all of these other fun gadgets can be found on Amazon.

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