Charged EVs | Download the Energy Storage Inverter Power Conditioning System test guide

Regenerative energy sources such as solar and wind power often have unstable and intermittent power supply problems that affect the power grid stability. Setting up an ESS (Energy Storage System) can offset the difference problem among power generation, distribution and utilization. Besides reducing the impact of regenerative energy in grid connection and increasing the stability of power grid operation, it can also adjust the peak load to maintain the power supply balance. With its multiple applications and benefits, the ESS plays an important role in developing smart grid and microgrid, which can be used to balance the power load, steady the power supply, and stabilize the power quality.

ESS technology has already shifted from emergency demands to economic demands. The PCS (Power Conditioning System) is one of the most important pieces to further guide the technical development of energy storage systems to creating safe, highly efficient, and reliable products. Chroma has more than 33 years of experience in the field of power testing. Combining its extensive experience with the knowledge from other major power testing companies, the company has defined the PCS test specifications and created this comprehensive overview. This test guide covers the terminologies, definitions, and test items of energy storage inverters’ PCS.

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