Shark Motorcycle Leathers: Riding to Safety Excellence

Shark Motorcycle Leathers: Riding to Safety Excellence

Shark Motorcycle Leathers Achieves Top Safety Approval from FIM, a Remarkable Milestone in Rider Protection.

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Shark Motorcycle Leathers earns elite global recognition, becoming the inaugural Australian racing suit brand to achieve this prestigious accolade.

Founded by Matthew Kuhne in 2009, SML embodies unwavering determination and innovation, rising as a symbol in the motorcycling community.

After a two-year rehabilitation, Matthew transformed his passion for motorcycling into a brand emphasizing his love for the sport and rider safety.

From a Helensvale, Queensland garage, Shark Motorcycle Leathers grew into a celebrated brand known for unwavering quality and safety dedication.

Driven to enhance rider protection, Shark Motorcycle Leathers achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the Motorcycle Federation of Japan’s stringent approval.

Under Matthew, Mitch, and John Kuhne’s leadership, Shark Motorcycle Leathers excels in crafting safety-focused race suits and street apparel, surpassing industry standards.

No detail overlooked: impeccable stitching, innovative fabrics, Kevlar protection, and advanced airbag integration deliver the highest rider protection level.

Achieving FIM approval validates dedication and hard work, paving the way for new expansion opportunities for Shark Motorcycle Leathers.

With FIM endorsement, Queensland’s Shark Motorcycle Leathers prepares to expand into South East Asia, Europe, and the USA, offering global riders exceptional products.

Mitch Kuhne, Shark Leathers CEO, said, “Approvals confirm us among top brands in safety and quality. Expanding globally, building trust.”

Shark Motorcycle Leathers’ journey from adversity to excellence serves as an inspiration to all riders and motorsports enthusiasts.

FIM approval in hand, Shark Motorcycle Leathers enters a new growth chapter, bolstering global rider safety.

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