Get Your Summer Vehicle Maintenance From Rosen!

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s a perfect time to consider the maintenance needs of your vehicle during this season. There are several essential tasks you should undertake to ensure your vehicle is ready for the warmer months, especially with temperatures expected to rise. At Rosen Hyundai Algonquin, we have an exceptional Hyundai Service Center where we can assist in keeping your vehicle in optimal condition, enabling you to reach your destinations without any issues. Make a visit to our center today and schedule your summer maintenance!


Essential Summer Maintenance


This summer, it’s crucial to perform several tasks to guarantee that your vehicle is well-prepared for the summer weather. As time goes by, temperatures will rise, making it even more hazardous to drive or experience a breakdown. Some of the essential summer maintenance tasks include:


Test Your Car Battery: After enduring a long, cold winter, your car battery is likely not in the best condition. The transition from low to high temperatures during summer can cause essential battery fluids to evaporate and accelerate corrosion.


Schedule an Oil Change: Regular oil changes are simple to do and can prolong the lifespan of your car. Engine oil is one of the most vital fluids as it ensures the smooth operation of your engine and lubricates its components. Over time, oil breaks down and gets exposed to contaminants, which diminishes its lubricating properties. Certified mechanics recommend changing your vehicle’s oil every three months or after covering 3,000 miles. Get your Hyundai Oil change near me now! 


Check Tire Pressure: The fluctuating temperatures of summer increase the likelihood of tire pressure fluctuations, potentially leading to a flat tire. Avoid the inconvenience and expense of changing a tire on the side of the road by bringing your car in for summer maintenance at our Hyundai Tire Center. 


Replace Wiper Blades and Refill Wiper Fluid: After months of clearing away snow, ice, and rain, your wiper blades may have become dull and damaged. They won’t effectively wipe away water during summer rain showers. Stay ahead of the changing seasons by replacing your wiper blades and ensuring your wiper fluid is topped off.


Deep Clean or Replace Your Vehicle’s Lights: Have you noticed yourself squinting more often while driving at night? It’s possible that your headlights and taillights emit a hazy glow due to dirt accumulation. While replacing them may be necessary if they’ve lost their brightness, you can first attempt a deep cleaning.


Service at Rosen Algonquin


When you choose Rosen Algonquin Hyundai service for your vehicle maintenance, everything becomes more convenient. Appointments are not required as walk-ins are always welcome, even for a Hyundai brake replacement. We understand the value of your time, which is why we offer Express Lube service that can be completed in minutes. If you prefer to schedule routine maintenance, you can easily book an appointment online to fit your schedule. And aour Hyundai dealership in Algonquin, you’ll always benefit from our latest specials for your vehicle.


Rosen’s Service Amenities


There are numerous reasons to entrust your summer maintenance to Rosen service. Alongside your oil change, you’ll receive a complimentary car wash. While you wait, enjoy free Wi-Fi access and peruse a selection of magazines and newspapers in our comfortable waiting lounge. We also provide free service valet and shuttle service to our store. With all these advantages, why go anywhere other than Rosen Hyundai?


Visit Rosen Algonquin! 


Looking for Hyundai maintenance near Algonquin, IL? At Rosen Algonquin Hyundai, we have a full inventory of new and used cars Algonquin, IL, including Rosen EVs. Our goal when you visit our new Hyundai dealership is to provide you with a superior experience satisfying your needs. Experience the Rosen difference when you shop or service at your Algonquin Hyundai dealer! Stop in today to get your summer Hyundai routine maintenance today! 

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