The Highest Torque 1-Handed Impact Wrench on Earth!? Head To Head With Alibaba’s Most Expensive Impact Gun!

The Torque Test Channel is back at it folks and this one is impressive! We’re talking about the most powerful one handed cordless impacts on the planet are going head to head. One is from Alibaba of all places, and they are being put through their paces to see who’s got the most grunt and what is inside them to see if they will actually last!

Video Description:

Our lifetime of TOOL RANKINGS ! The #1 3/4″ Cordless IMO: Onevan 3/4″… We bought what is by the specs the #1 most powerful 1-handle weldable impact wrench in the world. But we’re not all about the specs on this channel, so we put it up against it’s mostly likely competition and what it says it should compare to, then open it up to see all its gooey bits.

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