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AC Failures: 7 Big Reasons

AC Failures

Could you imagine driving your vehicle for your daily commute without the comfort of air conditioning? It would make even a short trip across town miserable. When the mercury gets above 80 degrees, going anywhere without your AC on high can be unbearable.

Additionally, the rising temperatures in your vehicle’s cabin can put you at risk of breathing difficulties and even a heat stroke. Thankfully, Carolina Auto Service wants to help prevent these issues and come to your rescue should you have AC failure.

Common Causes of AC Failures

How long has it been since your AC has been serviced? We often see people frantic for help when they experience a failure of this vital component of your car. Here are some common AC problems that we see, and many of these issues can be caught in a routine inspection before the system is in complete failure.

1. Clogged or Broken Condenser

It’s frustrating when your AC blows hot air instead of the icy blast you expect. One possible issue is the condenser unit. This section of the AC system cools the freon and removes the heat from the air.

It’s not uncommon for this unit to get blocked because of the gunk it collects on the roadways. The freon can’t be cooled when it’s clogged, and the air stays stifling hot. Fixing this problem is easy, as it just requires quick cleaning.

2. Wiring Issues

Many wires are running to your AC unit, connecting to electrical components. Wires get damaged and can break over time, especially if mice or other rodents are chewing on them. The cables can become damaged from excessive heat, and the wires can melt.

Another possible scenario is that they corrode due to the elements and age. Fixing electrical issues requires investigative work, and it’s best left to someone highly skilled in dealing with such intricate parts.

3. Damaged Belts and Hoses

Many belts and hoses are attached to your AC system. Most of these parts are rubber, so they can wear over time. It’s also possible for them to detach due to age or a problem. When your hoses aren’t correctly connected, your system can’t function.

4. Freon Leak

One of the most common reasons why the AC unit stops working is because it’s leaking refrigerant. This leak can occur because of a bad hose, O-ring, or holes in the system. The key isn’t just to refill the tank, as you must first find the leak. The system can be recharged after an evaluation to find the source of the problem.

5. Defective Cooling Fan

If the condenser is working fine, but the AC isn’t blowing cool air, another thing to consider is the cooling fan. You can hear the fan engage when you turn on your AC. It’s a sign of an issue within the blower assembly if it’s not running.

Age is another problem that can cause failure in this part of your system, as it’s common for cracks to form over time. Additionally, electrical problems can be at the crux of this issue.

6. Flawed Compressor

The most expensive thing to tackle within your AC system is the compressor. This unit is responsible for sending the refrigerant through the system so that the cold air can enter the cabin. If this part has an issue, it almost always warrants a replacement.

7. Overheating Vehicle

When the temperature under the engine is going into the red zone, the AC will no longer give off cool air. There are many reasons why your vehicle might be running hot, but when this temperature shift occurs, your vehicle’s AC system cannot cool the freon properly.

The worst thing you can do is attempt to drive when your car is overheating, as you can damage a lot more than your AC unit. You must turn off the engine and call for help. You can blow the engine and ruin the motor by continuing to operate your automobile.

Carolina Auto is Here to Help

The long summer days in Winston Salem, North Carolina, can be hot. When you add the high humidity, we get in this area, it can be suffocating. You depend on your car to get you where you need to go, and when the AC system stops working on days when the mercury is rising, it can be dangerous to drive.

Luckily, most problems with your AC unit aren’t costly or overly challenging. One of our well-qualified technicians can diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. You can avoid this predicament by having an AC inspection before the temperatures reach 90 degrees with full humidity. Call Carolina Auto Service today to have your vehicle inspected.

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