By now we know Tesla has somewhat of a reputation for quality control issues, and that’s become especially apparent with the Cybertruck, which requires specialized manufacturing processes compared to the company’s normal vehicles. The latest in this saga of issues involves the truck’s hubcaps, which were seen detaching from one of the prototypes while it was driving down the highway.

A video of the incident, which was ironically filmed by another Tesla, shows a Cybertruck prototype driving down a California highway. As reported by Electrek, this truck is one of the “production candidate” vehicles, meaning it’s largely a finished product that will be almost identical to the one available to consumers.

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While going around a bend in the road, the truck’s hubcap pops off its wheel and flies nearly 20 feet into the air, cresting the power lines running above the highway. It then returns to the ground just in front of a Volkswagen Jetta, whose driver needed to employ some emergency braking to avoid coming into contact with it. Thankfully, it went under the car and got spit out the other end, but we imagine it would’ve caused some damaged bodywork or a broken windshield if it had been hit head-on.

Could this wheel cover detachment be an isolated incident? Yes, but it does serve to highlight the ongoing production struggles that Tesla is facing with bringing their first truck to market. Be it design flaw or assembly error, it’s not the first time this truck’s been plagued with issues, and hopefully it’ll be sorted out for the production model.