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Visit Volvo Cars Gilbert In Gilbert For Top Quality and Genuine Volvo Parts

Keeping up with your Volvo service and maintenance appointments, especially in Gilbert, is essential if you want your Volvo to keep performing at the top of its game, but for that to happen, we at Volvo Cars Gilbert advise you to ensure that the parts used during repairs or replacements are genuine and authentic Volvo parts. Counterfeit parts can cause more damage than you’d imagine, and sometimes they tend to lower the performance levels of your Volvo.

So, as a Volvo owner in Mesa or Queen Creek, we advise you that before you sign up for a service center, you must ensure that it is certified and uses genuine and authentic Volvo parts. Therefore, to ensure that your Volvo is always back to its high-performing self each time you go for a scheduled or even an unscheduled service and repair appointment, we at Volvo Cars Gilbert advise you to visit our service center.

The Volvo Parts Center

When shopping for Volvo parts, it is important to ensure you know the exact part you are looking for; a small error can lead you to get the wrong Volvo part. To help make your search easier, our service center offers online order services where you’ll be required to fill out an order form that enquires about the details of your vehicle and the part you’d like to order. Once the order form is filled out, we will ship the requested part to you.

Also, you can choose to physically shop at our parts center, where you’ll find that it has been categorized into sections. These Volvo parts sections are:

Repair and Replacement Parts

Like any other machinery, your Volvo is bound to break down at a lower rate than other vehicle brands; if this happens, you’ll need a replacement part. Here is a list of some of the Volvo parts that you are bound to find under this section:

  • Air and oil filters
  • Climate control parts
  • Steering and suspension systems
  • Electrical and exhaust systems
  • Tires and wheels

Performance Sections

At times, your Volvo may experience a performance-related issue, and if that’s the case, then the parts you’ll need are in our performance section. Some of the Volvo parts in this section are:

  • Transmission and suspensions parts and systems
  • Radiators
  • Brakes and brake parts
  • Engine and engine parts

Please note that when shopping for a performance-related Volvo part, it is important that you are aware of your vehicle’s information; if not, then we advise that you seek help from one of our sales attendants.

Accessories Section

For a vehicle for a top brand like Volvo, we at Volvo Cars Gilbert near Phoenix always advise using genuine Volvo accessories for the best outcome. When in this section of our parts center, all you need is your imagination, as the Volvo parts found here are designed to help you customize your Volvo into your image. Here is a list of some of the parts in this section:

  • Sound systems
  • Seats and steering wheel accessories
  • Interior accessories such as floor mats
  • Racking accessories
  • Wheels and tires

Why Use Genuine Volvo Parts?

Value for Your Money

If you use non-OEM parts, you are assured of spending less money, but as they say, cheap is expensive. The particular problem will reoccur, making you spend even more money on a problem that can be fixed using a genuine Volvo part.

Assured Quality

By opting for a genuine Volvo part, you are assured of the same quality performance as if your Volvo were new, but this only applies if the said part is installed by an experienced mechanic like those at our service center in Gilbert.


By using genuine Volvo parts, you are assured that you won’t experience any compatibility issues, but that’s if you ordered the right part.

Visit Volvo Cars Gilbert Today!

Whether you’re in Chandler or Tempe, if you want quality and authentic Volvo parts, we at Volvo Cars Gilbert suggest you visit our parts center in Gilbert.

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