What to look forward to at the Simeone

Watkins Glen: On The Road! Demo Day

Saturday, August 26 – 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Step into a world where history meets horsepower at the Simeone Museum’s “Watkins Glen: On the Road” Demo Day event. The legendary Watkins Glen, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of upstate New York, has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. This event is a tribute to its rich legacy.

The Simeone Museum is  passionate about preserving and showcasing the awe-inspiring stories of automotive excellence. During this special event, attendees will be taken on a journey through time, capturing the spirit and essence of Watkins Glen’s illustrious racing history.

From the early days of street racing to the thrilling championships on the Grand Prix circuit, Watkins Glen has been a cornerstone of American motorsport. “Watkins Glen: On the Road” is not just an event, but an experience. It’s an invitation to connect with the vibrant energy of yesteryears and to relive the iconic moments that made Watkins Glen a name synonymous with racing.

Featured collection cars will include:

• 1934 MG K3 Magnette
• 1948 Allard J2
• 1952 Cunningham C-4R

Whether you’re a lifelong motorsport enthusiast or just curious about the world of racing, this event is tailored to offer a unique blend of entertainment, education, and nostalgia.

Rudolf Caracciola, der Regenmeister.

Saturday, September 23 – 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Immerse yourself in a day dedicated to the legendary “Rain Master”, Rudolf Caracciola, at the Simeone Museum. Few drivers have shaped the world of motorsport like Caracciola, a titan of pre-war Grand Prix racing known for his exceptional skill in wet conditions, earning him the nickname “der Regenmeister” (the Rain Master).

The Simeone Museum is proud to host an event that pays homage to this racing luminary, providing attendees with a chance to delve deep into the life and career of one of the sport’s most celebrated drivers. Through this unique experience, journey back to the golden era of racing and witness the legacy that Caracciola left behind, both on and off the track.

Featured collection cars will include:

• 1927 Mercedes-Benz Sportwagen
• 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
• 1939 BMW 328

This Demo Day is not merely an event but a tribute to a legend who defied the odds, showcased supreme skills, and captivated audiences worldwide. From enthusiasts of racing history to those curious about the sport’s rich heritage, “Rudolf Caracciola, der Regenmeister” promises to offer a glimpse into a bygone era filled with passion, perseverance, and unparalleled talent.

100 Black Men Philadelphia STEM Car Care Clinic & Car Show Event!

Saturday, October 7 – 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Join the Simeone for an enriching and interactive day dedicated to STEM, car care, and the world of automobiles! This event, organized by 100 Black Men Philadelphia, will provide attendees with a unique insight into car maintenance, safety, and design. From car enthusiasts to STEM aficionados, there’s something for everyone.

Highlights of the Event:

  • Learn essential car maintenance techniques.
  • Gain insights into the importance of automobile safety.
  • Enjoy an exclusive tour of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum.
  • Feast your eyes on an exquisite Corvette car show.
  • Hear from esteemed guest speakers who are prominent figures in the world of STEM and automobile design.
  • Satiate your hunger with a variety of offerings from food trucks that will be present on site!

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Kevin Wallace: 100 BMP Member & STEM Committee Chair
  • Ellis Steptoe: Renowned Mechanic & Car Collector
  • Anthony Martin: 100 BMP Member & Founder of Urban Youth Racing School
  • Ed Welburn: Automobile Designer and the celebrated GM Vice President of Global Design from 2003 – 2016

Admission Details:

This event is FREE for Parents and Mentees of 100 Black Men Philadelphia Saturday Leadership Academy. A fee of $15.00 applies to all other attendees.

All parents, guardians, and youth (both male and female) are cordially invited to be a part of this enlightening event. You don’t want to miss this blend of knowledge, innovation, and entertainment. Please plan accordingly and be a part of our vibrant community gathering!

Spread the word and bring your family and friends to this not-to-be-missed event! Looking forward to seeing you there!

2023 Spirit of Competition Award

SAVE THE DATE! Wednesday, November 1

Anticipation is building, and our engines are roaring with excitement! On November 1, 2023, the Simeone Museum will once again shine a spotlight on motorsport and automotive excellence at our annual “Spirit of Competition” Award ceremony. Who will join the pantheon of racing legends? The grand announcement is just around the bend! To be among the first to know, make sure you’re tuned into our official website and social media channels. This year is gearing up to be unforgettable. Stay in the fast lane and await the revelation!

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