The Remarkable Resurrection of the Africa Cub

The Remarkable Resurrection of the Africa Cub

In the realm of iconic marketing campaigns, unforgettable music, and impressive sales records, one might overlook the true impact that the Honda Cub has had on the world.

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Sold in over fifteen countries, the Honda Cub goes beyond fame by providing affordable, reliable transportation.

Amidst this, one exceptional story shines—the 1983 Honda Cub C90 transformed into the Africa Cub by Nasir Morni from Malaysia.

Back in 1983, Nasir’s father bought the bike for daily commuting. It later became an integral part of Nasir’s school trips.

In 2005, tragedy struck when thieves stole the bike. However, in 2020, it resurfaced in police custody, bearing evident signs of time’s passage. Undeterred, Nasir resolved to restore it.

Inspired by the Honda Cub Trail Series and the Dakar Rally bike, Nasir collaborated with Rocketeer Custom Art. He recreated the original HRC color scheme, skillfully reviving classic elements.

Nasir’s vision led to functional upgrades, including extended forks, adjustable shocks, and a custom disc brake system.

The “Africa Cub” boasted a covered headlight, reserve fuel cell, and protective elements. The engine received meticulous restoration, and a polished finish.

Breathing through a pod filter-equipped carb, it roared with renewed life. The Africa Cub’s unique character was completed with a blue seat and gaiters.

In a world where the Honda Cub’s legacy is often reduced to numbers, Nasir Morni’s Africa Cub stands as a testament to human-machine connection.

Beyond a motorcycle, the Honda Cub C90 signifies resilience, passion, and the transformative power of second chances.

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