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The windshield is one of those things that we kind of take for granted (unless it gets fogged up or dirty). But it’s an essential feature for safe driving. Little things like a chip from a rock, worn-out wipers, or too much grime can make a huge difference in how our vehicle performs on the road. Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA offers these simple tips to keep your windshield at its best.

First, do a quick inspection for things like small chips or cracks. Those can quickly wreck your windshield’s safety while driving. The good news is that windshield repairs and replacements are free in PA if you have comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance. So, there’s no excuse to wait.

Make cleaning a regular thing. Keep some paper towels and a spray bottle of water in your Toyota. Whenever you stop for gas, take a quick moment to wipe the windshield down. Built-up dirt and dust can impact your vision – especially in the rain.

On a similar note, try a rain repellent solution. There are plenty of options, just make sure you apply it the right way. Start with a squeaky-clean windshield; use an ammonia-based cleanser and dry the glass thoroughly. Follow the instructions to apply the repellent. Once it dries, wipe it clean with a towel. Let it “cure” for a bit, then rinse your windshield with water and wipe it down again.

Finally, keep your windshield wipers up to snuff. If your wipers squeak across the glass, leave streaks, or show cracks in the rubber, time for a new pair. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to replace them at least twice a year. Keep your vehicle out of the sun as much as you can to prevent the rubber from drying out and cracking; in the snow, don’t use your wipers as an ice scraper.

Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield wants to keep our customers safe, so use these tips to see things more clearly on the road!

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