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The BMW CE 02 in front of a colorful wall.

BMW Motorrad unveiled an innovative electric two-wheeler tailored expressly for dynamic urban environments. The groundbreaking BMW CE 02 is a remarkable departure from BMW Motorrad’s previous Urban Mobility models. As a city-centric eParkourer, it encapsulates adaptability, utility, and minimalist elegance in its design, crafted to resonate with the spirit of youth.
Beyond its electric heart, the CE 02’s essence lies in its robust yet understated aesthetic. Generously proportioned wheels ensure resilience and a delightful riding experience. Read on to learn more about the features of the BMW CE 02.


The Impressive Performance Features

The heart of the new BMW CE 02 is an air-cooled synchronous motor. Fueling this innovative eParkourer are batteries with an operating voltage of 48 volts.
When the lights turn green, the CE 02 propels forward with an exhilarating speed, fueled by an impressive output of 15 horsepower and 40.5 lb.-ft of torque. At the same time, an exceptional range of 55 miles allows you to travel around town.
Two standard ride modes, “Flow” and “Surf,” shape the CE 02’s character, offering distinct riding experiences. “Flow” lets you easily ride through traffic, while “Surf” is designed for maximum coasting. Equipped with a 0.9-kilowatt standard external charger, the CE 02 effortlessly replenishes its power from ordinary household outlets, ensuring quick and convenient charging.
Opt for the HIGHLINE package to elevate your charging prowess with a zippy 1.5-kilowatt option.
As a testament to innovation and style, the CE 02 invites you to experience a harmonious blend of power, range, and versatility that propels urban exploration.


The Innovative Chassis And Tech Features

The new CE 02 stands out for its nimble maneuverability due to its light weight, clocking in at 291 pounds, and a low seat height of 29.5 inches. The torsionally rigid double-loop frame, meticulously crafted from tubular steel, anchors this agile wonder and delivers stability and control.
It has a single-sided die-cast aluminum swingarm and a directly pivoted shock absorber. A pair of hydraulically damped 37 mm telescopic forks infuse the ride with precise handling and responsiveness.
At the cockpit’s heart lies an intuitive TFT display, a digital command center furnishing vital information, including real-time battery status. There is also a USB-C charging port to power your smartphone on the go. The BMW Motorrad Connected app allows you to see the battery life of your CE 02 from your smartphone.
Delve deeper into this digital realm by transforming your smartphone into an additional display using the HIGHLINE variant’s cradle mode. It allows you to view the BMW Motorrad app for vehicle data safely.
The convergence of dynamic design and technological brilliance is unmistakable on the new CE 02, poised to elevate your riding experience to uncharted heights.


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