65mph Maeving RM1S is in the works

Maeving is set to launch a new, faster version of its RM1 electric motorcycle, the RM1S, after a message was sent out to existing customers.

The message was sent out to existing Maeving customers on the morning of 22 August 2023, and revealed that the new ‘S’ model of the Maeving RM1 will have a top speed of 65mph – an increase of 20mph over the standard model.

The message read: “With a highway-capable top speed of 65mph, the RM1S is our fastest and most powerful electric motorcycle. Having previously expressed interest in a faster model, we wanted you to be the first to know about its upcoming launch.”

Unfortunately, us mugs who did not express interest in a faster model, have to wait a bit longer than those who received the message from Maeving for the pre-order page to open. 

The Maeving RM1 launched last year as the first model from the Coventry-based manufacturer as a retro-styled bike aimed at triggering nostalgia for the motorcycle manufacturing heritage of the English Midlands, and particularly Coventry, where Maeving is based.

As for the newly revealed Maeving RM1S, its details, aside from the aforementioned 65mph top speed, are entirely a mystery. Of course, an increase in top speed of 20mph means that more power, and perhaps more torque, can be expected from the motor. But, whether the S will be lighter than the standard version is unclear, as are its chassis specifications in general. 

There could also be a change in visuals with a more sporty tone, but quite simply anything other than the top speed of the bike at this point is speculation.

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