Regular Car Service Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

A regular car service is essential to keeping your vehicle in good working order and ensuring it functions optimally. There are several reasons why a timely car service is so important.


CMH Mitsubishi West Rand service reception


Regular car servicing helps to ensure that your car is safe to drive. A professional mechanic can identify and fix potential safety issues, such as worn-out brakes or tyres before they become a critical problem.


Regular servicing helps to prevent breakdowns and ensures that your car is reliable. A well-maintained car is less likely to break down unexpectedly, which can be inconvenient and costly.

Vehicle performance is of utmost importance. As such, regular car servicing can improve the performance of your car and other aspects such as fuel efficiency, acceleration, and handling. As a result, this can save you money on fuel and make driving more enjoyable.

Most car buyers look for longevity when buying a vehicle. However, even with guarantees from the manufacturer, an unkempt vehicle dents its promised lifespan. Therefore, regular car servicing is a must to maintain the lifespan of your car and prevent unwanted and costly problems, thus saving you money in the long run.


Technicians conducting an inspection

Resale value:

A well-maintained car is more valuable than a neglected one. Regular servicing can help you preserve the resale value when you intend to sell.

Our clients at CMH Mitsubishi Westrand value our technicians for their expertise, as they are responsible for functional cars. Furthermore, our service centre boasts the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

We are ready and willing to handle various repair or maintenance jobs, from routine oil changes to complex engine overhauls. Overall, regular servicing is an age-old and cost-effective vehicle maintenance trick.


CMH Mitsubishi West Rand expert technician at work

For service bookings and parts sales, contact us at 011 222 0200, or visit us at Hendrik Potgieter in the West Rand.

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