Ahmedabad traffic police get ‘AC Helmets’ to keep cool in hot weather [Video]

In the midst of scorching high temperatures, individuals working outdoors often struggle to keep themselves cool. However, the Ahmedabad Traffic Police department has introduced an innovative solution to help their personnel stay cool and composed even in blazing sun.

The traffic police officers of Ahmedabad Traffic Police have begun using portable AC helmets. These helmets operate using a battery pack carried by the personnel on their waist. On a full charge, these helmets can function for approximately 8 hours. Besides delivering cool air to their heads, the AC helmets also shield the personnel from dust and pollution.

Presently, these helmets are undergoing a trial phase, with six constables being selected to test them out. The helmet features a plastic top that provides head protection, similar to conventional helmets. Due to the additional equipment, however, these AC helmets weigh around 500 grams more than regular ones.

Ahmedabad traffic police get ‘AC Helmets’ to keep cool in hot weather [Video]

The helmet operates by drawing in the surrounding air, cooling it, filtering out dust, and directing it towards the wearer’s face. The helmet has a built-in fan-like structure. The development of these helmets is credited to Karam Safety Private Ltd, a company based in Noida. Although these helmets are thinner compared to traditional ones, they incorporate extra components, including the fan mechanism.

Rana, one of the constables participating in the trial, commented to Indian Express, “So far, the AC helmets have been great. Except during the monsoon when the dust settles down, the Pirana dump yard releases a huge amount of dust and chemical gases, irritating our eyes. The AC helmet has a dust shield on my nose, making it easier to see. Moreover, the fan inside keeps the sweat away and my energy intact.”

Trial started earlier this month

The trial of these helmets commenced earlier this month on August 10th. The helmets feature four adjustable speeds that cover the wearer’s face entirely. Additionally, a dust shield is integrated into the setup to separate the cool air from the surrounding environment. The constables have embraced the concept of such a helmet, stating that they no longer need to wear pollution masks or sunglasses. While these traffic personnel wear rain ponchos during the monsoon and jackets in winter, they previously lacked a solution to protect themselves from the intense summer heat.

If the trial proves successful, the police force plans to order more of these helmets for their personnel. Some police personnel are already equipped with body cameras, with around 10,000 devices being deployed in 2021.

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