Sideshows and street takeovers are an issue that authorities across the nation are trying to curtail. Now, a new short but action-packed clip from Houston is making the rounds and it shows the danger that these events create. A hit-and-run incident between a Dodge Charger and a pedestrian is just one part of the chaos.

Events like street takeovers and side shows have led to accidents more times than we can tell you. Oftentimes a group will gather and do donuts or other automotive “stunt” driving in a public intersection or on a public roadway. Somehow, in this case, it seems like the pedestrian that got the wrong side of a Charger might be okay.

In the clip we see the Dodge sedan accelerating up what looks like an on-ramp to the highway. As their brake lights come on we see a person flipped up onto the front of the car before rolling off of the driver’s side. The Charger doesn’t stop but the pedestrian manages to roll onto the median as they’re checked on by another person.

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Seconds later more cars follow the path of the Charger onto the highway but there’s something else brewing. Behind all of the action, the cameraman pans to the far left showing a huge group of people standing in the street seemingly blocking what looks like an unmarked police car. Fireworks go off around the car and it speeds off toward the direction of the Charger just before the video ends.

There’s no official word on when exactly this happened, whether or not that was a real police car giving chase, or what the condition of the pedestrian is. What we do know is that it looks a lot like the group of people in the street might’ve been intentionally blocking police from pursuing the Charger.

Texas officials have been attempting to reduce instances of sideshows and street takeovers with a number of laws and enforcement tactics. Clearly, they’re not a complete stopgap to this type of activity. We’ll update this story if we hear more about the specifics of this case.

Image Credit: SpeedHouston