Ensure Your BMW Is Performing At Its Peak With This Vehicle Fluid Guide | Flemington, NJ

Maintaining your vehicle is an essential responsibility for every car owner, ensuring the enduring optimal performance of your prized possession. We recognize that not all car owners possess an in-depth understanding of automotive intricacies – many of us simply schedule service appointments, drop off our vehicles, and retrieve them once the job is completed, often without delving into the maintenance specifics. However, this week, Flemington BMW is here to empower you with insights into your vehicle’s fluid levels and elucidate their critical significance in preserving its health. Take a moment to assess your vehicle’s fluid levels, and should your BMW require a tune-up and replenishment, don’t hesitate to schedule your service appointment with us. Your BMW’s well-being is our priority.

Flemington BMW’s Vehicle Fluid Guide:


  • What it does: cools your engine, lubricates moving parts, keeps moving parts clean
  • What to do: change it regularly (dealer recommendation) and check it monthly


  • What it does: regulates your vehicle’s temperature.
  • Where to find it: in a reservoir near the radiator.
  • What to do: if the level is low (level is indicated on the reservoir) take the vehicle to the shop to get coolant topped up.

Power Steering Fluid

  • What it does: helps you steer the vehicle
  • Where to find it: a reservoir at the base of the windshield.
  • What to do: same as above, if the level is low take your vehicle to the shop to get the fluid topped up.

Brake Fluid

  • What it does: helps braking mechanisms work properly
  • What to do: if the level is chronically low, your brakes could be wearing out.
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • What it does: helps clean windshields of dust, debris, bug guts, etc.
  • What to do: if you run out, get more at your local gas station and just refill the clearly labeled tank.

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