Levy celebrating unsung heroes with Rig-Driver Raffle at Road America

Team haulers have come a long way since the old days. But there are still thousands of miles to cover from one race to the next—or back to the shop to pick up parts or even a whole spare car if things turn sour—and countless behind-the-wheel hours to endure. And the folks who put in those long stints behind the wheel, in every possible kind of weather and road conditions, rarely get any special recognition for the vital service they provide bringing the show from one track to the next.

Burt Levy knows all about it. He’s been racing, wrenching, covering races and writing about it for more than half a century. His feature stories, columns and race reports have won multiple journalism awards, and his highly entertaining The Last Open Road series of novels, which trace the evolution of American road racing from the early 1950s, have garnered exemplary reviews, have been used in schools and have become genuine cult classics on the motorsports and collector-car scenes. You have probably seen The Last Open Road decals on race cars, haulers, sports cars and classics.

Over the past several years, Burt re-wrote and produced a truly unique audio book version of The Last Open Road. Done in the style of an old-time radio play, it features professional Hollywood voice actors in the major roles, authentic sound effects, period fifties music and Mystery Celebrity Guest Voices in many of the smaller parts. Including IMSA president John Doonan, racing school founder/track owner Skip Barber, NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief Ray Evernham, famous IMSA racers David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Patrick Long, Tommy Kendall, John Morton, Spence Pumpelly, PD Cunningham, Marino Franchitti, Amelia Island Concours founder Bill Warner, race car builder Bob McKee, track announcers Greg Rickes and Joe Bradley and many more. They all agreed to participate simply because they enjoy Burt’s books and wanted to be a part of the project.

The Last Open Road audio book has already won a pair of awards as “Best Audio Book of the Year.” It’s incredibly entertaining…and 25 lucky race teams will be winning FREE copies this weekend for their rig drivers and team members to listen to on their long-haul journey to the next event. Or back in the shop.

IMSA/Road America Rig-Driver Raffle Giveaway

All teams participating in either the WeatherTech or Michelin Pilot Challenge races this weekend at Road America are automatically entered in the raffle. All eligible car numbers will be put in an appropriate crash hat and 25 lucky winners will be drawn—15 from the WeatherTech series and 10 from the Michelin Pilot Challenge. The winning teams will be notified, and each team will have their choice of a CD set or a USB flash drive of the entire The Last Open Road audio book, and both formats include a bonus video and a couple decals.

More information about Burt Levy and his books can be found HERE.

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