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Ex-McLaren employee digs out Fernando Alonso: “How not to be a team player” | F1

Gerry Convy worked at McLaren between 2002 and 2008, coinciding with Alonso’s one-year stint with the team alongside Lewis Hamilton.

2007 was a dramatic year as Alonso and Hamilton went head-to-head for the title.

The intensity between the pair ultimately meant that both drivers lost out in the end to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

Things got so toxic in the team that Alonso decided to leave at the end of the season for Renault.

2007 also saw McLaren fined $100 million and disqualified from the constructors’ championship as part of ‘Spygate’.

Convy took to Instagram to throw shade at Alonso, with an image of a McLaren team building camp in Finland which the Spaniard didn’t attend – Hamilton was clearly present. 

The former McLaren trainer felt that Alonso’s failure to turn up “set the tone for the season”.

In his post, he wrote: HOW NOT TO BE A TEAM PLAYER: this McLaren-Mercedes Team Building camp in Finland 2007 was designed to be a new start for us all.

“Unfortunately, new recruit Fernando Alonso simply did not turn up. [Lewis Hamilton] did. This set the tone for the season and the rest is history. No one is bigger than your team or organisation.”

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