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GTECHNIQ’s GWash and W4 Citrus Foam are All-in-One Shampoos that Clean and Protect Your Ride

GTECHNIQ's GWash and W4 Citrus Foam are All-in-One Shampoos that Clean and Protect Your Ride

Photo Credit: GTECHNIQ

GTECHNIQ is known for providing science-based automotive paint protection with formulas that work at a molecular level to protect the various surfaces of your Corvette – from the exterior paint, to your Corvette’s alloy wheels, and even plastics and glass. GTECHNIQ’s Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating has earned rave reviews from professional detailers for their extreme level of protection they provide while Crystal Serum Light offers great results for the home detailer.

While all these specific formulas are great for treating the different surfaces of your Corvette, GTECHNIQ’s GWash and W4 Citrus Foam are two general car wash soaps that provide great results for vehicles with or without ceramic coatings or other paint protection.


GTECHNIQ has two versions of its GWash car shampoo that will give you great results, and both are designed to work in harmony with vehicles that have been covered with any GTECHNIQ coatings.

Ceramic GWash

For vehicles with or without ceramic coating installed, GTECHNIQ’s Ceramic GWash is a specialty low-suds shampoo that offers a highly-lubricated swirl-free wash designed to lift dirt and oil from your Corvette’s painted surfaces, and it leaves behind a beautiful hydrophobic finish. Ceramic GWash can help extend your ceramic coatings protection, and using Ceramic GWash will help reduce cleaning time as there will be less dirt and grim buildup. Ceramic GWash also works well on non-coated vehicles and provides some protection and hydrophobic properties that you may not have with an uncoated vehicle.

Ceramic GWash is super-concentrated and it starts at $25.95 for a 500ml bottle, or you can get the 1-liter size for $42.95 and each comes with a measuring cap for precise measuring. Ceramic GWash can be added to a washing bucket for hand washing or, for added hydrophobic protection, it can be directly applied to a WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt and then applied to each panel. You’ll also see more pronounced effects from the ceramic coating with continued use of Ceramic GWash at least once every two weeks to a month.

GWash Shampoo

For vehicles with or without ceramic protection, GTECHNIC offers its standard GWash car shampoo featuring a 100% biodegradable formula that produces a high foam content to break the bond between dirt and your vehicle’s paint. GWash is strong enough to put on your car and left to dwell for several minutes, allowing it to go to work on stubborn dirt and road grime. Yet it’s safe enough to use on all paintwork and does not remove existing sealants or ceramic coatings. The high foam content minimizes surface abrasions while maximizing gloss retentions, and it works great in foam cannons.

GTECHNIQ’s GWash has a pleasant grape fragrance and its available in multiple sizes. GWash starts at $10.95 for the 250ml bottle with the 500ml bottle priced at $16.95, or the 1-liter bottle is $27.95.

GTECHNIQ’s W4 Citrus Foam

If you use a foam cannon or pump sprayer for your Corvette’s washing, GTECHNIQ’s W4 Citrus Foam was designed with you in mind. The product takes just a couple of minutes to thoroughly cover your Corvette. The pH neutral formula acts a natural degreaser and does the hard work for you by loosening dirt without damaging coatings.

W4 Citrus Foam

W4 Citrus Foam can be diluted up to 10:1 through a foam cannon, and once on the car, let it dwell for three to five minutes. It’s very satisfying watching the dirt, road grime, and bug splatter literally dripping off the surfaces of your Corvette. The citrus formula is also very pleasing to smell as you work with it, and its biodegradable formula is safe for the environment.

GTECHNIQ’s W4 Citrus Foam is available in two sizes with the 1-liter bottle selling for $21.95 while a 5-liter jug sells for $61.95.



GTECHNIQ was born out of pure science over 20 years ago by a quantum physicist named Drew Gill who was unhappy with the available automotive paint protection at the time. Applying his scientific training and research into creating a paint protection formula that works at the molecular level, the first GTECHNIQ product, C1 Crystal Lacquer, was released in 2004. Over the years, the passionate scientists at GTECHNIQ have continually tested and refined their formulas, and today you can find a number of specialty formulas designed based on the surface material you are protecting. That’s why GTECHNIQ calls it Smart Surface Science.

GTECHNIQ’s line-up of cleaning formulas and coatings are made for use by the average automotive enthusiast, but if you would prefer to have it or any other GTECHNIQ products added by a professional, visit to find your nearest accredited GTECHNIQ detailer.




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