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This Could Be The Longest Mustang Burnout At Car Meet Before Crashing

It seems the ego of this Ford Mustang driver wrote a check that his driving skills couldn’t cash


by Brad Anderson

3 hours ago

 This Could Be The Longest Mustang Burnout At Car Meet Before Crashing

Crashes involving Ford Mustangs and their drivers doing stupid things have become so common in recent years that it’s impossible for us to cover every single Mustang accident. However, another one recently came across our radar.

This video shared on Reddit appears to have been filmed somewhere in North America, either in the U.S. or Canada, and the incident took place during a car gathering. Rather than deciding to leave the event in a sensible manner, the driver of this Mustang did exactly what you might expect a Mustang driver to do: a huge burnout in the middle of the road outside the event. It wasn’t long before things went pear-shaped.

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In the clip, the driver of the red sixth-generation Mustang can be seen lighting up the muscle car’s rear tires before letting off the brake and starting to accelerate down the road. However, as the Ford begins to pick up speed, the rear of the car kicks out to the left, and with the driver unable to correct the slide, the Mustang slides off the edge of the road and into an embankment.

As the Mustang hits the embankment, it sends up a huge plume of dirt and once it settles, can be seen resting at the bottom of the ditch. Fortunately, the car didn’t flip or roll so the driver likely escaped without any serious injuries. The driver of a rat rod who was also attending the car meet can then be seen pulling up to the ditch to assist the driver.

Fortunately, the Mustang didn’t hit any pedestrians, which has been the case in other accidents. Evidently, the ‘Stang has started to acquire a taste for dirt and trees, not just people.

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