I can’t bring myself to title this a “build” thread. This is the first car I’ve ordered where I check a bunch of boxes and the car showed up 97% done.

Up to this car I buy cheap Mustangs and Porsches, spend years and countless hours restoring and modifying and then sell the Mustang for a loss and the Porsche for a profit.

I ordered this car with the money from my 1979 930 Turbo. The car was a multi year build and was a blast. I am ready for a modern car at 50 years.

I originally was smitten by the CSL. But the two dealers in my area asking a $50k bump and my daughter always asking why we didn’t have a cool car with 4 seats moved me into ordering a M4 my way.
I figured I would get all the performance goodies and then add a few CSL styling bits to create “MY” car.

The car is, obviously, a 23 M4 Competition. I went Red on Red because I’ve always liked the 50’s and 60’s cars this combination. I selected the carbon packages inside and out. CCB brakes because my GT3RS has them and they are amazing! BMW or Porsche CCBs are the cats meow. Carbon buckets and they are the most comfortable seats ever. My daughter even made that exact statement. At 5’11” and 30” waist I feel like BMW made a foam mold for me. Sorry big guys your missing out.

I added the M Exhaust, M door sills, M side vents and M floor mats

My so calle build (Seriously have a hard time calling this a “build”) Is CSL tail lights and grill. Yellow DRLs. Turner splitter; because I don’t like the CSL splitter, MP HASS and forged wheels.
I wanted the CSL STB but that may not be available anymore.

Anyway here are some random pics of how I got her.

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