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BAC Opens 3 New Showrooms In The United States

Known for its racing-focused Mono and Mono R, BAC has been celebrated for its expertise in making a futuristic, beautiful, and amazingly-engineered single-seater road-legal supercar that’s designed for exhilarating track performance. Founded in Liverpool, BAC has found success in Europe and has decided to expand to Asia. However, a new announcement sees BAC bringing its racing prowess to the States, with three new American locations that seek to meet the growing demand for its incredible car’s lightweight agility and performance.

The locations: BAC Philadelphia, BAC Greenwich, and BAC Newport Beach are all poised to serve supercar clients with high standards of luxury and expertise, and they will all be operated in partnership with RDS Automotive Group. In Philadelphia, BAC’s location will be housed in a new RDS facility, while the Greenwich and Newport Beach locations are situated perfectly for luxury and exotic car clients. The partnership marks the launch of BAC’s official North American operations, and it means that access to one of the greatest racing-ready yet road-legal ultra-light supercars will be easier than ever.

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