DS Automobiles Previews The Interior Of Its Future Production Models

The DS M.i. 21 manifesto is not just a concept, since all of its futuristic elements could be put into production

 DS Automobiles Previews The Interior Of Its Future Production Models

Most automakers tantalize us with glimpses of the future through concept cars, but Stellantis-owned DS Automobiles has taken a different approach. Rather than showcasing an entire vehicle, they’ve zoomed in on the heart and soul of the driving experience – the interior. Behold the M.i. 21 manifesto, a physical model of a car interior, closely previewing the next generation of DS production models set to arrive before the end of the decade.

Leading the charge for the M.i. 21 are Thomas Bouveret, Head of Interior Design, and Vincent Lbry, Head of CMF Design (colors, materials, and finishes), together with their teams. Among the highlights is an expansive display covering the entire dashboard, with the majority of the controls located on its curved, touch-sensitive edges.

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 DS Automobiles Previews The Interior Of Its Future Production Models

Massive displays are nothing new in the automotive world, but what sets DS’s approach apart is the display’s ability to transform from opaque to transparent, revealing the materials beneath when not in use. The infotainment system is managed through voice commands or a sleek floating glass area near the central armrest.

While the transparent screen takes the spotlight, it’s the oversized circular elements on the doors that truly captivate. At first glance, they resemble grandiose speakers, but in reality, they are customizable art pieces that reflect the owner’s individual taste. The interior lighting adds to the allure, adapting intelligently to showcase the materials that adorn the cabin.

 DS Automobiles Previews The Interior Of Its Future Production Models

Sound takes center stage with the illuminated single turbine-style speaker, positioned prominently beneath the dashboard. Storage solutions were inspired by furniture while the lack of a center console frees up space on the floor.

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However, one peculiar design choice is the unconventional steering wheel, featuring a smartphone-style screen nestled between two elements reminiscent of the iconic “DS Wings” found on current production models. While it may raise an eyebrow or two, it adds a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

 DS Automobiles Previews The Interior Of Its Future Production Models

Thierry Metroz, Design Director at DS Automobiles, described the manifesto as a “working tool” that represents a link between their vision and the projects that are currently in development. He said that a physical model like that would normally remain confidential and only be used as a means of internal research, as it incorporates a lot of the automaker’s future.

According to the design chief, most of the elements in the manifesto “must be able to be put into production”, unlike the typical concept cars. He added that it incorporates certain “regulatory, industrial and economic demands” which accelerate the transition to production. The first models to get the new interior will likely arrive before 2030, as the M.i. 21 project is part of a five-year plan.

The DS M.i. 21 manifesto will make its grand debut at the biennial Révélations crafts and design exhibition held at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris between June 7 and 11. At the same time, the model will be detailed on the new DS Design Studio Paris website providing visitors a behind-the-scenes look into the design process.

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