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Wild weekend of sky-high launches, hard landings and a surprisingly good haul of points marks the beginning of Trevor Daley’s season

After all the preparation – the money, the work, the months of training – that goes into racing, you’d think its returns would be somewhat predictable. Think again. When Trevor shot off the line and into the first corner of a wet race one at Shannonville Motorsport Park this past weekend, he was thinking only of setting himself up for turn two – but turn two never arrived.

When the tail-end of Trevor’s Suzuki-Canada-backed GSX-R stepped out dramatically in the rain, it was a given the rear wheel would angrily snap back into line. The ensuing highside brought out the red flag, ground Trevor’s behind to mincemeat (you really don’t want to see the photos), and got the season off to the worst possible start. It was especially disappointing since Trevor had led the field in the morning’s wet practice. But all was not lost. While the crew got the bike back into shape, Trevor cleared his medical test and gutted out a fine fourth place and nearly a podium in the restarted race.

Given Trevor’s injuries, Saturday night was long, painful, and put his participation in Sunday’s race two into doubt. But Trevor, who invests into racing with the same intensity that the godfather of soul James Brown put into live performance, meant that come Sunday, Trevor was back out on the grid. And even a steering damper that gave up the ghost midway in the race wasn’t enough to stop another fourth-place finish. Not exactly the start to the season you’d like. But life doesn’t always give you what you’d like.

The first race of the season, in the rain, on new-to-the-series Bridgestone tires, meant that other riders had eventful races, too. Which means Trevor is only eight points out of second place in the standings as we approach round two at Grand Bend in a few weeks. And Trevor’s points padded Suzuki’s lead atop the manufacturer’s standings. And what a joy it was to look up at a grandstand full of spectators. It was just like the old days.

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