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Porsche Boxster Makes The Moose Test Look Easy At High Speed

The agile Porsche shows why driving a sports car could end up being safer than larger vehicles

by Stephen Rivers

2 hours ago

 Porsche Boxster Makes The Moose Test Look Easy At High Speed

by Stephen Rivers

It’s no secret that Porsche makes great handling cars but we don’t always link that ability to safety. A new video demonstrating how the Boxster handles the infamous Moose Test might change that viewpoint. After all, avoiding a crash altogether is far safer than the alternative.

This test is brought to us by the Teknikens Värld (‘world of technology’ in English) channel over on YouTube. Its main content centers around the moose test, an evasive maneuver that attempts to understand how safely a vehicle can avoid a suddenly appearing obstacle (such as a moose) in the road.

To complete the test the vehicle is weighed down with passengers and cargo and then travels down the road, reaches the desired speed, and then must navigate to an adjacent lane and back again within a set of cones. The Porsche Boxster in this video makes it look like a walk in the park.

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This is the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Boxster and it tips the scales at 3,814 pounds (1,730 kg). During the first test, the car navigates the cones at 46.6 mph (75 km/h) with basically no drama whatsoever. To ratchet up the pressure and see where the Boxster will struggle first, the testers try again at 49 mph (79 km/h).

This time the front end of the Boxster does lose a little grip but only when it’s shifting weight in the middle of the test. The testers noted that above this speed it’s the understeer that would continue to increase and that the car feels very stable. That’s more than enough for it to get an “Approved” test score from Teknikens Värld.

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It also demonstrates just how safe sports cars like the Boxster can be. While smaller cars aren’t necessarily going to have the upper hand in a direct crash with a much larger vehicle, avoiding it altogether, the way the Boxster can, is clearly preferable.

It’s worth noting too that both medium-sized and larger vehicles often struggle with tests like this indicating a decrease in overall safety. Notable failures in past moose tests include the Toyota RAV4, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the VW Passat GTE.

Image Credit: Teknikens Värld

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