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Skoda: 7 years of free servicing on these in-stock models

There are Skoda models in stock with dealers across the range, with a seven-year service package on offer before June 30 to sweeten the deal on some cars.

You may have noticed the buy and sell buttons at the top of our site – they’re our connection to the dealer world, and each week we get updates on stock availability across certain brands.

Our aim is to update our audience as often as possible with deals that are available and stock sitting with those dealers.

This week, it’s all about Skoda. Dealers are reporting hundreds of cars in stock, and Skoda has introduced deals on some Kamiq, Karoq, and Scala models that will see buyers get a seven-year, 105,000 kilometre free service package.

To take advantage of these in-stock vehicles, hit the “Buy a Car” button on this page to be connected with our team, or use the links below. We don’t use your details for anything other than connecting you with our team and a dealer. Any contact you have with a dealer is no obligation, and at no cost to you.

As reported earlier this month, the brand says stock is improving across some of its models as production ramps up in Europe.

The company has previously struggled with supply on a number of its models due to semiconductor and component shortages. It continues to remove certain features on Australian-specification models due these reasons.

Skoda Australia director Michael Irmer said “securing supply of the brand’s core range is the news customers have been waiting for”.

Dealers are offering a seven-year, 105,000km service package on some models provided they’re delivered before June 30, 2023. All models continue to offer a seven-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Vehicles in stock, or coming into stock in the coming month, include:

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