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McLaren 750S replaces 720S with more horsepower, less weight

McLaren’s freshest supercar, the 750S, is also the lightest, most powerful production model in the British marque’s lineup.

The 750S, a performance and styling evolution of the 720S, which it replaces, borrows design cues from other McLaren vehicles.

But the latest model is faster and lighter than the 720S. About 30 percent of components are new or changed.

“It’s about taking a benchmark product and enhancing it even further,” McLaren Americas boss Nicolas Brown told Automotive News. “It’s just sharpening the car that much more and adding more value” via technology upgrades and three years of scheduled service included.

Automotive News first reported details of the 750S in February. At the time, a source briefed on the vehicle described it as a blend of the 720S and the more powerful and lightweight 765LT.

“This is top of the food chain without getting into Ultimate Series stuff or bespoke commissions,” the source said.

The 750S will be available in both coupe and convertible variants at launch, unusual for a McLaren model line. There will be no LT (long tail) variant.

The 750S coupe starts at $329,500, with the convertible carrying a $19,700 premium. Both prices include shipping.

Production will be limited but not numbered. Historically, limited-production McLaren models run in the several hundred-vehicle range.

McLaren attempted to keep product details under wraps — even sharing only the model’s code-name with retailers. In that vacuum of information, rumor and speculation fueled buzz.

But McLaren die-hards weren’t deterred from putting down a deposit and signing a purchase agreement on a mid-six-figure car they knew little about, let alone had seen.

Based on reservations, the 750S is sold out in the U.S. through the late third quarter of next year.

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