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Caused crash with XUV700, says owner [Video]

The popularity and demand for the Mahindra Scorpio-N are increasing day by day. However, there have been a few instances reported on the internet claiming manufacturing defects in the Scorpio-N. There has been another incident reported where the front wheel of a Mahindra Scorpio-N came off while being driven.

This incident occurred in Dimapur, Nagaland, where a top-spec Mahindra Scorpio-N Z8 (O) was involved in an accident with a Mahindra XUV700. While it might seem like a typical accident, the reason behind this accident is shocking.

The owner of the Scorpio-N stated that the front left wheel of his SUV came off while he was driving, and the reason for it is yet unknown. Due to this, the driver lost control, resulting in a collision with an XUV700 parked on the roadside. Although there were no casualties, both vehicles suffered significant damage, with the Scorpio-N’s front grille, bumper, and fenders broken and the left front wheel beyond repair.

Owner remains shocked

5 month-old Mahindra Scorpio-N wheel comes off while driving: Caused crash with XUV700, says owner [Video]

In an interview with the local news channel, the owner of the Scorpio-N expressed his shock over the incident and the potential consequences if it had happened in a densely-populated area. He has taken the matter up with the local Mahindra dealership, claiming that the wheel coming off was a manufacturing defect and demanding a replacement vehicle or the full amount paid for the SUV, including registration and other formalities. However, Mahindra has not released an official statement on the incident.

In summary, the increasing demand and popularity of the Mahindra Scorpio-N are being overshadowed by reports of manufacturing defects. This particular incident involving the front wheel coming off while being driven resulted in a collision with significant damage to both vehicles. The owner has demanded a replacement or refund, citing a manufacturing defect, while Mahindra is yet to release an official statement.

However, since Mahindra is yet to check the vehicle, we cannot comment on what exactly happened. It is quite possible that the owner had gotten a punctured repaired and did not fasten the bolts properly.

Multiple issues reported

Many other owners have reported issues with the new Scorpio-N. Last year, an owner raised an issue of overheating in the Scorpio-N. Anshuman Bishnoi shared that the SUV was getting overheated after a leaking coolant issue. Bishnoi posted again about the Scorpio-N, stating that he left the car idling with the AC on for five minutes, and the car’s display showed an overheating warning.

Shikha Srivastava, a Mahindra Scorpio-N owner, shared photos and videos of her car on Twitter. The issue arose while she was driving, with the clutch and gear becoming stuck and unresponsive. The clutch pedal sank to the floor, and she uploaded a video demonstrating how she had to use her foot to pull it up.


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