Do the proportions of this Chevy Corvette Stingray look a little weird to you? Well, there’s a very good reason for that as you’re not looking at a genuine ‘Vette and instead a dodgy-looking replica that needs a new home.

The bizarre Corvette replica has been listed for sale through Facebook Marketplace in Livingston, Scotland with an asking price of just £2,300 ($2,857). While we’re not sure we would be willing to pay that sum for a car that looks as odd as this one, we certainly wouldn’t be shocked if someone out there is on the hunt for a Corvette replica.

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The listing claims the car started out life as a Volkswagen Type 3 and that it was originally built by a blacksmith who couldn’t afford a genuine Corvette. So, he handmade all of the steel body panels that now adorn the VW and which do a good job of replicating the design of the original car, even though the proportions are all out of wack. The blacksmith also went to the trouble of making the car a Targa with a removable black roof.

 A Blacksmith Built This Corvette Replica From A VW As He Couldn’t Afford A Real One

Powering the replica is an original air-cooled VW engine but the seller notes it will need new fuel and a good service before it can start running smoothly again. The car has been driven roughly 30,000 miles (~48,000 km) since it was built and has spent most of the last 30 years sitting in a heated barn. With a few minor fixes, it will be ready to hit the road once again.

While we’re rarely ever impressed with replica sports cars like this, the original owner who built it has to be commended for the alterations they made as they wouldn’t have been cheap and would have been very time-consuming.

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