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We explain how the Army tank ended up on KMP expressway

We have come across various videos in the past showing Army convoys moving from one place to another. In most cases, the convoy moves in parts, transferring personnel, equipment, and other necessary items. While we have seen this equipment being transported by train, there are instances when they prefer to transfer these things by road. A recently viral video on the internet shows an abandoned Indian Army tank on a busy highway. The tank was spotted on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway. We will explain what is happening here and how the tank ended up on the expressway.

The video that has gone viral on the internet was shared by Narendra Yadav on his Instagram profile. The social media user stopped his car on the road after he spotted an abandoned Army tank on the busy expressway. We can clearly see that the traffic on this road was as usual, but the vehicles were only going through one lane as the tank had covered the other. The person recording the video walks closer to the tank to see what is happening. The person recording the video can be seen talking to his friend, guessing how the tank might have ended up here.

There were no army officers or personnel close to the tank, which made it look even more suspicious. They noticed the track marks and minor damages on the median of the highway. They reached the assumption that the tank might have fallen off from a truck while it was being transported. The assumption made by Narendra Yadav was partially correct. The tank did fall off from a truck. A truck carrying Army tanks from Ambala to Chennai was passing through the KMP Expressway recently. When the truck was close to Asauda toll plaza, the truck met with an accident, and that is how the tank fell from the truck.

Indian Army tank abandoned on KMP Expressway? We explain what happened [Video]
Tank abandoned on KMP expressway

Thankfully no one was injured in this accident, but the tank did take up a lot of space on the road, creating congestion for some time. Soon after the accident, officers from Asuada police station came to the spot and moved the stranded Army tank. Under the video posted by the user, there were several comments, and some of them were funny. The text of the video shared by Narendra Yadav said, “Things that can happen only in India.” Some of the users connected this incident to the GTA Vice City video game and said someone might have pressed the cheat code ‘Panzer’ and ran away when the tank came.

One of them said, “Gurgaon is India’s Ohio.” We also came across comments like “Fast and Furious 5 Gurgaon version,” “Aree kisi Jaat ke Ghar mein jameen ki ladai ho gayi hogi!” and many more. One of them even said that if the tank were abandoned in Bihar, it would have been gone by now. This comment must have been in relation to incidents where locals damaged railway tracks and other government properties in the state.

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