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Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Your Bike’s tires are its most crucial component, bar none. You can’t go over obstacles or go off-road without tires. How fast you move, stop, turn, slow down, accelerate, burn out, skid, drift, slide, and perform donuts depends on your tires. Would you be happy driving your rear-drive Toyota 86 on your small summer tires in a winter storm? Or would a Subaru Outback with all-wheel drive and winter tires make you feel safer? Will you stop at the red light you missed or continue up that hill?

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World – Top Rated


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

When you think of tires, you may picture the white, marshmallow-like “Michelin Man” from television. You may not be aware that Michelin puts its tire ideas to the test year-round at endurance events worldwide!

Moreover, since its founding in 1889, the corporation has led the way in automotive innovation! Charles Tarrant, the winner of the 1891 Paris-Brest-to-Paris cycling race, rode a bicycle with a replaceable pneumatic rubber tire that he invented.

Michelin is the first company to offer a radial and metal-cased tire option for long-haul truckers. They converted their factory to make airplanes during World War I, even building the first famous paved landing strip in history.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Continental AG was founded in 1871, more than 150 years old. In the 1890s, they began transitioning to surface tires for automobiles after developing rubber tires for airplanes.

Their main claim to fame is being the first tire manufacturer to manufacture tires for passenger vehicles. It is essential because grooves increase tire life and enable tires to handle challenging weather conditions such as rain, snow, mud and gravel.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Interestingly, the brand is named after its founder Shojiro Ishibashi (ash = stone, Bashi = bridge). Bridgestone is a Japanese multinational motorcycle, car and truck parts manufacturer founded in 1931. It is currently the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world, surpassed only by Michelin in France. During World War II, most of Bridgestone’s production was forced to be used for the war effort, and then their headquarters was destroyed during a bombing raid.

General Tires

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

William Francis O’Neil founded General Tires in 1915 using the skills he learned running his Firestone franchise, of all places! The 1930s also brought General Tires into the realm of rocketry. They teamed up with Aerojet to build a rocket to help the plane take off.

I’m biased in favor of General Tires because I have two complete sets of them on my current 2004 Toyota Sequoia and an 89 Nissan Hardbody 44 and have yet to get stuck. Compared to other all-terrain tires available, they are excellent in snow and ice, tough on the road and quiet on the highway.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

“Run, Firestone, whatever you run.” We’ve all heard this ad a few times, and it seems to do its job. They have essentially abandoned the notion that you must drive a particular automobile brand. You should roll on Firestone rubber; that’s all you need to know.

Firestone Tires, founded by Harvey Firestone back in 1900, saw its business expand when it made solid rubber side wire tires for fire engines. Soon after, they began producing tires for motorcycles, and cars, eventually becoming the first tire supplier to the Ford Motor Company.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Yokohama Tire Co. Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Firm and B.F. Goodrich was a partnership formed in 1917. You may have heard about this company here and there in different ways, as it is also known as Advan all over the world.

Because Yokohama has experience in competitive motorsport, they are skilled tire manufacturers. They have served as the official tire supplier for the American Le Mans Series, the IMSA GT3 CUP, and the World Touring Car Championship.

Yokohama tires are made with unparalleled attention to detail, typical of most Japanese producers.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

One of the best tire producers in the world today, Goodyear Tires, was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling. They manufacture tires for cars, trucks, heavy machinery, bikes, and motorcycles.

It is interesting that Charles Goodyear, who created vulcanized rubber, was named after the corporation! One of the most recognizable advertising objects in the world, the Goodyear Blimp, has probably flown above athletic events in the United States.

Since a breakthrough in the radial tire in 1979, Goodyear has never stopped developing. They even created a concept for the “Recharge” tire last year.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

Which one is that? Is that the sound of a thousand Italian thoroughbred horses across the hill? No, it’s the sound of your Fiat Ducato Turbo Van driving back to your estate with Pirelli tires ripping off the pavement.

Giovanni Battista Pirelli, a company founded in 1872, specialized in manufacturing tires for cars, trucks, bikes and racing. They may be familiar to you because they spent much time competing in the Formula 1 World Championship.

You might be surprised that they are also the official supplier of the FIM World Superbike Championship and the Grand-AM Rolex Sportscar Series.


Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

In the late 1800s, John Boyd Dunlop founded the Dunlop Tire Company in Dublin, Ireland. They manufactured tires of exceptional quality for cars, airplanes, bicycles, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles.

It is interesting to note that John Dunlop helped develop the pneumatic tire, which is still the most popular type of tire today. It involves applying pneumatic pressure, commonly called “air-filled,” to hold the rubber contact patch on the rim. It was an important innovation that catapulted Dunlop to international fame and helped it quickly become a household brand.

The Goodyear Tire Corporation purchased the business in the late 1900s and subsequently divided it between Goodyear and Sumitomo Tires with an agreement to share manufacturing and distribution methods.

BF Goodrich

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World

BF Goodrich was one of many outstanding tire firms founded in Akron, Ohio, and was founded in 1870. Additionally, in 1903, they were the first tires offered by the Ford Motor Company for use on the Model A. After supplying the first car tires to drive from coast to coast across America, BF Goodrich became famous. I’m sure all car enthusiasts and motorcycle riders can appreciate the incredible display of dependability, innovation, and courage that it represents. BF Goodrich was the first business to pioneer the use of rubber-wound golf balls, pressurized space suits, and synthetic rubber in the mid-20th century.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Motorcycle Tire Brands in the World
1 Michelin
2 Continental
3 Bridgestone
4 General Tires
5 Firestone
6 Yokohama
7 Goodyear
8 Pirelli
9 Dunlop
10 BF Goodrich

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