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Test Drive Guideline – CMH Mitsubishi Ballito

CMH Mitsubishi Ballito has compiled a guideline of what to expect on a test drive.


Sit in the driver’s seat and adjust it (along with the mirrors) according to your sitting position. Driving can be safer and more comfortable with the right seating arrangement.
Examine every switch, control, and functions, and ascertain you can easily access them without taking your eyes off the road.
Examine your side, rear, and forward vision to locate your blind spots.

Test Drive Guideline

CMH Mitsubishi Ballito showroom

The Drive

  • Explore different terrains. Take the car for a spin on urban, rural, and highway terrain.
  • During the test drive, look for flaws and assess the car’s overall functionality.

Test Drive Tips

  • If you are driving a manual vehicle, assess the difficulty of engaging the clutch. Is it simple to control the release?
  • Is the pull-off effortless? This holds for automatics as well.
  • In a manual, do the gears fit perfectly and accurately? Do you feel at ease with how the gear lever is positioned and operates?
  • Are the changes up (and down) in an automatic smooth?
  • Do the brakes smoothly stop the vehicle?
  • All of this should happen on roadways, in heavy traffic, and with the kind of stop-and-go driving you encounter every day.

Mitsubishi models at CMH Mitsubishi Ballito

Importance of a Test Drive: Moving up to a rural road, you can check:

  • How does the car handle the uneven surfaces that rural roads frequently have? Are the bends “ironed out” or are you being tossed around like a leaf?
  • Does the steering accurately respond when you turn into a corner, sending the vehicle in the direction you have directed it?
  • Does the body roll much when turning?
  • Is the seat comfortable and secure?
  • The highway drive is an opportunity to check all of the listed items at a higher speed as well as look at:

    • How does side wind affect the car?
    • Does it tend to “wander” on the highway or track straight and true?
    • Can you effortlessly keep up with highway speeds?

    CMH Mitsubishi Ballito floor

    This will demonstrate how you and the car of your dreams will get along just fine for many miles of driving.
    CMH Mitsubishi Ballito has compiled a perfect list of things to consider on a test drive
    Come into CMH Mitsubishi Ballito for a test drive in your dream car.

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