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Liberty Walk’s Ferrari F40 May Be Sacrilege But It Looks Sexy In Rainy Tokyo

Will a beautiful photoshoot and a couple of videos make you feel better about the sacrifice of the original F40 body panels?

by Thanos Pappas

April 25, 2023 at 18:30

 Liberty Walk’s Ferrari F40 May Be Sacrilege But It Looks Sexy In Rainy Tokyo

by Thanos Pappas

The Ferrari F40 is one of the most sought-after classics from Maranello so the thought of someone cutting it up to install a custom bodykit hits the wrong nerve on the majority of automotive enthusiasts. Still, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk did exactly that, presenting the one and only wide-body F40 at the Tokyo Auto Salon last January. Five months later, the modified supercar appeared in more photoshoots and videos, making us feel better with its existence.

We remembered this special F40 when we saw a drone video of the drifting supercar, which was shot during the filming of a Japanese music video called The Rampage / 16Boosterz. Another short video shows the old Ferrari flagship leading a parade of wide-bodied exotics on the track.

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Videos are nice but the most impressive footage of the vehicle yet is the one we found on the official website of Liberty Walk. The photoshoot took place during a rainy night in metropolitan Tokyo. The scenery looks just like it came out of a video game, due to the reflections on the puddles and the characteristic lights of Japan’s capital.

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The LB-Works Ferrari F40 was first shown in a set of renderings back in December, with the real deal appearing last January at the show featuring a white livery. The price of the bodykit remains unknown but we are sure it won’t come cheap. Money is not a problem for owners of the precious supercar, but not many of them will be willing to sacrifice the kevlar/carbon-fiber body panels of their F40 for an aftermarket wide bodykit made of FRP.

Speaking of non-reversible visual modifications, those include a new front clip with a prominent splitter, a vented bonnet, and light covers that replace the pop-up units bringing it closer to the F40 LM. The rear fenders are more dramatic, adopting the bolt-on extensions that are associated with Liberty Walk. The tail got a new diffuser, an adjustable rear spoiler, and Liberty Walk lettering on the rear fascia with the original Ferrari emblem moving to the side. Finally, the supercar got air suspension so it can be slammed to the ground when parked. According to Speedhunters, the mid-mounted twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 engine remains in stock form.

Below you can watch Hagerty’s video highlighting the aforementioned photoshoot of the unique F40 with some behind-the-scenes footage and comments by the two photographers – Larry Chen and Dino Dalle Carbonare. We also added the music video for those who enjoy J-Pop music in combination with modified supercars.

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