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G87 Impressions from a G42 Owner


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see the new G87 M2 in person for the first time. Up until yesterday, I didn’t really know how I felt about the looks and overall design language of the G87. What I did know and understand quite well is BMW’s uncanny ability to design cars into the future. What I mean is, cars you think look ugly, vile, atrocious at their release (yes, you’ve heard all the words) and yet over time, the design grows on you, and people begin to favor that new era of styling. The G8x is a perfect example of this.

This is also the case with the G42 and my decision to purchase a 2022 M240i. When the G42 first came out, it received endless amounts of hate; mostly undeserved. Nobody gave it a fighting chance, and repeatedly, stressed the point that it would never be as good looking as the outgoing F22 generation. However, the more I looked at it, and the more I thought about all the advantages it had over the Supra for the same price (interior amenities, AWD, rear seats, etc.), I began to love and accept it for what it was. Fast forward nine months into ownership, and I’ve never been happier with a car. It checks, quite literally, every box. For reference, I came out of a 981 Boxster S and a modified 440i, so the bar was high you could say.

Now lets get back to the G87. Unlike the G42, the design of the G87, in pictures, had not grown on me at all. It didn’t matter the angle, the color, the wheels, anything. It just looked off. Not ugly, just off. Something about the design from every angle didn’t work. For goodness sake, the XM grew on me within a few weeks, and yet 6+ months of looking at the G87 didn’t mean a thing.. until yesterday.

First Impressions: I arrived to the dealership and there was a black metallic M4 CSL out front. That car is insane on every level. A few moments later, the sales manager brings out their first G87 and parks it next to my G42. I was speechless for about 30 seconds because everything I had thought about this car, everything anybody had ever said about the design of this car, was just plain wrong. This car looks good in person, actually, great in person. This HAS to be the most unphotogenic car ever produced! The wide hips give it such a personality, and a planted stance the G82 just doesn’t have. The front end “boxiness”, ever so slightly, reminds you of the classic BMW squared-off styling from the 80’s. The rear bumper looks way more “normal” in person, and actually works quite well with the taillights.

Exterior – the good: As I said earlier, the biggest takeaway is the width of the car. It gives it that “square” look, like the E30. This car’s best angle in person, besides the side, is the rear of the car. The wide hips and the pronounced bumper work well together. The power dome, also found on the G42, is so cool.

Exterior – the eh: It’s at the front of the car, and a small design feature that, even in person, still doesn’t work. It’s the vents directly below the headlights. No, just no. If I purchase this car, I’m paint matching them with the body color. Also, this car had a good amount of M performance parts, including the carbon fiber canard accents behind the front and rear fenders. Personally, I hate them. Looks tacky.

Interior: My G42 is a 2022, with iDrive 7. I made it very clear to my salesmen that that I did not want a 2023 when ordering. Not because of the new iDrive system per se, but because the lack of a proper gear selector. The G87 doesn’t have this problem, as you can get iDrive 8, with either a ZF gear selector, or a 6-spd manual. While we’re discussing the manual, the sales manager made a very interesting point. He said the manual works way better with the S58 motor than online reviews otherwise suggest. He’s tracked cars across the state of Florida for years, so I trust his assessment. Also, the seats are awesome. The M colors on the shoulder pads is so unique, and unlike the original iteration of the F87, this is a proper M car, top to bottom!

Conclusion: The most hated BMW of the past 10 years isn’t as bad after all as people have made it out to be. The design, although as not pretty as the F87, is bold and aggressive. It turns heads, and if there is any auto manufacturer that can get away with producing controversial cars while simultaneously increasing sales, its BMW. Whether you like their new design language or not, BMW is doing what no other German car manufacturer is willing to do. Radical design that looks so different from one to the next. A part of me misses the “safe” styling of F chassis cars, but another part of me has fully embraced this new era of styling.

Am I selling my G42 for a G87? Not yet. I still believe the G42 is the cleaner looking of the two, and I’m hoping the G87 prompts more aftermarket support for the G42.

Finally, a BIG thank you to BMW of Naples, Florida for allowing me to have almost an hour with the car, understand it better, and compare it to my personal car. These guys are true enthusiasts, and love the brand just as much as you or I, which is refreshing. If you are interested in purchasing this exact example, call John Casco to inquire!

More pictures/videos on my Instagram: @m240.fl

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