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Failed SpaceX Starship rocket launch wipes out nearby car

Recently SpaceX attempted to launch the world’s tallest and most powerful rocket into space, before it exploded in what the company called a “rapid unscheduled assembly”.

That wasn’t the only carnage the Starship caused.

The launch platform, located in Bora Chica, Texas, sustained serious damage, as did a nearby Dodge Grand Caravan understood to belong to NASA Spaceflight, a news organisation that reports on space travel.

Debris from the take-off flew more than 500 metres with a large piece of concrete flying onto the back of the Dodge people mover, destroying its tailgate and the rear portion of its roof.

Debris can also been seen smashing through its windows and across the bonnet. A large pool of liquid under the people mover also appeared once the smoke had cleared, which may have been engine coolant.

The Dodge was positioned among an array of camera equipment that was left behind to record the launch.

It appears there was no one around thanks to protocols that ensure everyone clears the site during a launch.

Various pieces of wreckage can also be seen landing in the ocean which is roughly 600m away.

The rocket had 33 main engines with roughly 17 million pounds of thrust, which is around twice the output of Nasa’s SLS rocket.

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