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Bilweb Auctions is offering up a tasty French 1927 Amilicar

This French car that has been residing in Sweden is a stunning example of prewar styling and performance hailing from Europe.

Bilweb Auctions

Sweden – Here’s one that most on this side of the pond are not that familiar with. An Amilcar from 1927 is definitely the most exotic car of Bilweb Auctions’ listing for their April Auction #2 2023. This is a French sports car with Swedish racing 

The car came to Sweden early in its life and the first original document is an MOT paper from 1932, in the northern town of Umeå. It is said to have been driven frequently in various kinds of racing, but in the early 1960s it ended up disassembled for restoration. During 20 years it was meticulously rebuilt to original specifications. During the last 35 years, this Amilcar has been at a standstill except for very short drives around the house, but not on public roads. It was just recently started with fresh petrol from an external tank.

Bilweb Auctions

History of Amilicar

The French car brand Amilcar was founded in 1921 in the Paris industrial suburb of Saint-Denis. The name was a result of the founders Joseph Lamy and Emile Akar playing around with their family names.

The CGS became Amilcar´s most successful and the majority of cars were sold with a two-seater body, inspiring many owners to participate in local races. In 1924 and 1925, two Amilcar CGS was raced on the Le Mans 24 race.

The 1.1 litre inline-four produced 30 horse power which gave the little sports car a top speed of 120 km/h – a lot in the 1920s.

The car became a commercial success and was produced for almost two decades, production ended in 1937.

Bilweb Auctions

Bilweb Auctions is currently offering this prewar European ride online. You can access the listing HERE. 

The auction closes April 27th

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