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Maeving: the British start-up putting a retro-spin on e-motorbikes

“We’ve always felt very lucky because we were really interested in attracting new customers and new demographics into the e-motorbike category, with a focus on people who haven’t considered an e-motorbike before.

“That’s why we have stores in Battersea Power Station and are looking at a new site in Covent Garden because we’re targeting people who wouldn’t normally ride a motorbike and are trying to bring them into this category.

“The real surprise for us, so far, has been the positive reception from motorcyclists. I think because we’re not threatening petrol bikes or tourer’s, they like that, and understand that we don’t want to replace the current machines available. 

“We think the sweet spot for e-motorbikes is low power, city commuting because enthusiasts don’t feel like we’re treading on their toes.”

Do you think you have an advantage over OEM brands by starting an e-motorbike brand from scratch?

“I think the reality is very simple because all motorbikes are going to be electric in ten years time, so if you’re starting a new brand now, it makes sense for it to be electric rather than building petrol powertrains.

“If you’re a legacy OEM then things are different because you have to think strategically about when you’re going to usher in that new customer base, while protecting your existing customer base. 

“We’ve obviously never had to worry about any of that because we always knew we would go down the electric route.”

What does the future of Maeving look like and could we see new technology rolled out in the future?

“First of all, we are wedded to removable batteries at the moment. We’re only interested in making bikes with this type of technology, because while charging infrastructure barely exists, being able to remove the battery and charge it like you would a phone or laptop is game changing. 

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