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Vehicle Health Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when you consider your new year’s resolutions.  About 84% of resolutions are about improving mental or physical fitness, according to Forbes.  In addition to your personal health, try something different this year and make some resolutions for improving your vehicle health.  In this month’s blog post, we offer ideas on how to set a vehicle health resolution to keep your vehicle running effectively and keep your repair bills down.

We have structured these resolutions into three categories based on timing and who is responsible for managing the maintenance tasks.

  1. Monthly maintenance checks.
  2. Periodic maintenance tasks.
  3. Factory scheduled maintenance tasks.

Monthly Maintenance Checks

For the most part, the monthly maintenance checks do not require more than a quick inspection.  These checks can easily be completed by you and are proactive ways to stay on top of any developing issues with your vehicle.

To implement these checks, schedule a monthly task reminder on your mobile device, or pick a date on your monthly calendar that you will consistently perform these checks.

Monthly maintenance checks should include:

  • Measuring and adjusting tire pressure on all four tires.
  • Inspecting tire treads for wear and tear.
  • Checking vehicle fluid levels and replenishing, as needed.
  • Inspecting and/or cleaning battery terminals.

You can purchase inexpensive devices to help you with your checks, such as:

  • A simple pressure gauge
  • A tire tread measurement tool

If you notice any irregularities in any of your checks, get in touch with a service professional before any complications develop.

Periodic Maintenance Tasks

If you are the “do it yourself” type of vehicle owner, then you can also handle some or all the periodic tasks.  If you are looking to save time, then consider having an auto service professional take on these tasks.  At Shade Tree Garage, we can work with you to design a maintenance plan that fits your budget and vehicle needs.

Periodic maintenance tasks should include:

  • Changing oil and filter
  • Checking and replenishing vehicle fluids, as needed
  • Inspecting your vehicle belts and hoses
  • Replacing engine and cabin filters
  • Inspecting the brake system, such as pads, rotors, and calipers
  • Inspecting the transmission and steering
  • Completing wheel alignment, tire rotation, or balancing
  • Repairing or replacing other items, as necessary, such as wiper blades.

When working with a service professional at Shade Tree Garage, we will maintain thorough records of any maintenance and/or repairs so that you can track your vehicle health throughout the year.

Factory-scheduled Maintenance Tasks

Although factory-scheduled maintenance tasks may not fit into your yearly resolution, it is important to stay on top of any necessary maintenance of vehicle systems over time.  For example, brake fluid flushes are an important part of your vehicle’s lifecycle and should not be neglected.   Brake fluid flushes are typically recommended every three years, or 30,000 miles driven.

Speak with the service professionals at Shade Tree Garage to identify those long-term maintenance tasks that need to be included in your ongoing plan.

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