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Toyotas Make This Top 10 List – Peruzzi Toyota Blog

Vehicles with all-wheel drive are increasingly popular, primarily because they make everyday driving (not to mention driving in tricky conditions) a lot easier and safer. Simply put, all-wheel drive provides better traction on the road, whether during a morning commute or on a family road trip. Of course, AWD vehicles also feature the latest driving technology, which can make them a bit pricier than their rear-wheel drive counterparts.

Not to worry: recently, Autotrader revealed its list of 2023’s Top 10 Most Affordable New Cars with AWD and Toyota was on that list. The criteria were that each car reviewed must have AWD but also fit a budget of $25K or under.

Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield, PA is proud to promote these two winning models that made the prestigious Autotrader list.

2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid: It was the only hybrid to make the list. The Corolla Hybrid offers reliability, yet with a sporty feel. It has top fuel efficiency of 48 mpg. The best thing about this vehicle is the price, as most hybrid trim models cost far more than this affordable gem. What a great value!

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross: This new edition to the Toyota lineup has quickly become a hot seller. The affordable subcompact SUV offers the AWD you want – but it also offers an efficient 31/33 mpg. With plenty of cargo space and all the technology features you need, it is an excellent choice as an all-wheel crossover.

While all-wheel drive has been considered a luxury, Toyota is working to make it affordable for all. The 2023 Corolla Hybrid and the 2023 Corolla Cross are proof that you can enjoy greater driving ease, Toyota’s famed safety standards, and the kind of everyday technology we all need. Swing by Peruzzi Toyota in Hatfield for a closer look at these two exceptional vehicles.

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