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Aventador Successor LB744 to Feature a V12 Hybrid with 1000 HP

Lamborghini has planned a feast for its fans — the upcoming Aventador replacement will feature a naturally aspirated V12 and 3 electric motors!

The famous Italian marquee is finally jumping on the electric bandwagon and producing a PHEV. Code named LB744, this Lamborghini Aventador successor will run on 3 electric motors and the traditional V12 beast. The new hybrid powertrain also comes with alluring performance figures, with the 1000 hp total output as the star of the show. Though, there’s more to the powertrain and its components.

Let’s start with the V12 — the LB744 will feature a new, naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine capable of producing 814 hp power and 535 lb-ft torque. Not only is it the most powerful V12 Lamborghini has ever made, but it’s also the lightest; at 480 lbs., it’s 37.5 lbs. lighter than its predecessor. Moreover, the engine position has been rotated 180 degrees compared to the Aventador, allowing it to have a stratospheric maximum rev of 9500 rpm.

LB744 V12

Now, this monster will mate with 3 electric motors to create the brand’s most potent powertrain. Two of them will be placed on the front axle for vital reasons, such as to create a full EV mode for the car, support regenerative braking, and produce better overall performance dynamics. Meanwhile, the other electric motor will be placed with the new DCT transmission that can divert power to the rear wheels when required.

Speaking of the transmission, it’s also something to look forward to in the new LB744. It’s an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox explicitly designed for the Italian hybrid supercar. The unit is lighter than the Aventador’s single-clutch automated manual, and it’ll deliver faster gear shifts too. Not to mention it features ‘continuous downshifting,’ enabling the driver to drop multiple gear shifts just by holding the left paddle down for some time.

LB744 Battery Pack

In addition, the primary electric source of the LB744 will be a 3.8-kWh battery that can be charged up to a rate of 7 kW. In fast-charging mode, the supercar would take just 30 minutes to reach a full charge. Add regenerative braking to the mix, and you won’t run out of juice that soon.

As for the drivetrain configuration, the new Lambo retains its signature four-wheel drive system. Though, with the benefit of electric motors at the front, it’ll be able to temporarily act as a front-wheel-drive car in silent mode.

While further details are yet to be revealed, Lamborghini claims the model will “debut shortly in the year that Lamborghini celebrates its 60th anniversary”, which is none other than this year, 2023.

But regardless of when the new beast will launch, at least it’s good to know that Lamborgini intends to keep its V12 legacy alive — even if it’s supported by an electric power unit.

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